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Recipe Book Service on Online Searching

While this is actually not a new product, its restricted market means that it has not had a high profile within our area of the profession. The Recipe Book Service is an effective and efficient tool to access Australian online information services. With the increasing number of schools looking for information sources via modem connections, this book provides a most user-friendly, concise manual in a loose leaf binder.

Each service has information on the contact person and address, hours of operation, an outline of what is provided, training and manuals available, charges and any other products or services available. T/L's will find the access instructions and summary of search commands the most useful -particularly the log off is prominently displayed. How often do we need to get off a service quickly and can't remember the steps! It does not replace the often lengthy manuals provided by each online database, what it does do is summarise all the important details into one volume. Sample searches for each service is included which allows for a quick reference if the information you require appears non-existant.

The handy glossary defines the computer terms used within the Recipe Book, and the appendix provides information about organisations and services which are not described within the main book. Organised alphabetically by the database name, each service has a tabbed divider for easy access.

There is a new edition annually, and the cost includes an update mid year. New services to be included in 1995 will be SCIS and NEXUS.

$110 (includes update)

QUINN Sherrey.
Recipe book of online searching. 13th ed.
Doncaster: Online Information
Resources, 1994. ISBN 0731630777.
Tel: 03 8503361 Fax: 03 8503641

Editors note:

The on-line databases which we use most extensively at The Southport School are the two full text newspa-per databases QNIS (Queensland Newspaper Information Service) and Presscom, Ozline through ABN, NEXUS, SCIS, Ilanet and recently many hours on the WWW!

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