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By Heather Kelsall

The Internet: Communicating with people around the world

This video explains in simple terms what the Internet is and how it operates, and provides a clear introduction to this important information source for both teachers and students. It illustrates how three Australian schools are 6 using the Internet as an element of their curriculum and the video could well be used as a catalyst within your own school. Students at Wanniassa Primary, ACT discuss how they use e-mail to communicate with other students worldwide on class projects; Broadford College, Victoria, students show the process involved in producing a magazine with international articles; and at Wyong High, New South Wales, students are accessing Educate BBS on a wider area network for a range of activities.

Also included is a 'glossary of the most commonly used terms and an activity sheet related to the program. A great video for those new to the Internet!

School price: $60
Contact: Oassroom Video
Frenchs Forest Road
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
[email protected]

CD-ROM User Guides

The staff of the Walton Library Methodist Ladies' College have compiled a rather handy CD-ROM User Guides booklet for students. Instructions for each of the eighteen CD-ROMs follow the same pattern: description, getting started, search strategies, downloading information and exiting. While this publication does not aim to replace the individual manuals for each CD-ROM, the clear instructions do lead students through logical steps to access information on the databases.

The format places the responsibility of access back on the student, and in a busy library would be a time-saver for T/Ls with already stretched loads.

School price: $50
Contact: Suzette Boyd
Director of Library Services
Methodist Ladies' College
207 Barkers Road
Kew VIC 3101

Heather Kelsall