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In this era of change and technology. .... our trusty, familiar tool of trade has been updated and the new edition is available on CD ROM. While many of us cringe in anticipation of inevitable change with the arrival of a new version of Dewey, the electronic format of this 21st edition bestows a somewhat softer blow!

Available in Microsoft Windows environment, D0C21 on compact disc provides the user with easier and faster access to classification information. 'Ihis version has over 4,000 additional entries and a new annotation feature that allows the Librarian to add notes to reflect local classification decisions. Sample 6 bibliographic records show how the DDC numbers have been used and it all happens in a friendly windows format with the ability to drag-and-drop information between screens.

DDC21 reflects important changes and developments that have occurred worldwide since the last edition in 1989. The four volume print edition is due for Australian release in September with major revisions in the 350-354 Public Administration, 370 Education and 560-590 Life Sciences. The standard subdivisions of Christianity have been relocated to reduce Christian bias and other adjustments reflect political and social changes with a major revision of Table 2 -47, the countries of the former Soviet Union. New interest topics such as rap music, virtual reality and snow-boarding are recognised with numbers and the manual has been expanded by over 100 pages to explain it all.

Dewey Decimal Classification and relative Index, Edition 21. ISBN: 0 910608 50 4

$425.00 - Print edition
$595.00 CD ROM

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