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By Nigel Paull

Need a Current Information Literacy Policy?

Trinity Grammar School in Sydney has recently published the school's Information literacy policy K-12and is offering it for sale. Written by Lesley Boon, Darelyn Dawson and Lee FitzGerald the policy covers content including: Elements of information management; Outcomes-based education and information literacy; Text types: fostering awareness; Literature circles: linking literature and information literacy; Key competencies; and Information literacy mapping -evaluating the programme. Of particular interest are the various appendices which comprise skills charts, management grids, and examples of units of work. This is an nformative and precise publication, addressing current issues, and could prove to be a helpful starting point for schools writing or refining their own policies.

Cost: $34.00

From: Trinity Grammar School Libraries
Trinity Grammar School
PO Box 174
Summer Hill 2130

A Practical Guide to Computers

The recently published book by Anne Glover, Computers and your kids: how to choose the best computer and software for your family, would be a worthy addition to a school or professional library. A former teacher and computer consultant, Glover now writes weekly columns in the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as other specialist computer magazines. This user friendly book is especially useful for teachers or parents with a limited knowledge of computers, software and the Internet. Glover focuses on buying and setting up computers, how computers complement schooling and electronic communication. She has included 200 reviews of software and Internet sites which she has organised by age ranges and then by topic. This practical book is easily understood, yet has a comprehensive coverage of subject matter.

Cost: $19.95

ISBN: 0733305806

Nigel Paull