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By Nigel Paull

Maximising the Benefits from SCISWeb and SCISCD

A recent addition to the NSW Department of Education and Training's Web site, Network for Education, is an interactive resource for Teacher Librarians, which offers information and advice concerning SCISWeb and SCISCO. It offers Teacher Librarians the opportunity to better acquaint themselves with current developments in the application of both SCISWeb and SCISCO.

Teacher Librarians have the opportunity to explore the three main components of the site. The first section, Resources, contains articles written about SCISWeb and SCISCO by current Teacher Librarians. Some useful hypertext links to associated sites are also available.

The second is SC/S FAQ, which contains the most Frequently Asked Questions, complete with answers, which have been vetted by experts. Users of SCISCO and SCISWeb from other states, or other educational systems, should be aware that hardware and software tips may specifically relate to versions of OASIS run in NSW Department of Education and Training schools. Thus. they may need to adapt some answers.

Your Say is a moderated electronic discussion board. Teacher Librarians can correspond with each other and members of the NSW Department of Education and Training's (NSW DET) Library and Information Literacy team. Any suggestions that may be offered are checked to ensure that the answers provided are both manageable and workable.

If you wish to follow the discussions. read articles or take aboard some new management strategies have a look at this innovative use of the Internet. The site can be accessed at: http://www.dse.nsw.edu.au/staff/F2-0/yoursay/ topic003/index.htm

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull