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By Schools Catalogue Information Service

  1. SCIS Subject Headings Book 4th edition
    SCIS Subject Headings List is the updated edition of the print publication that includes new subject headings and amendments to existing headings. It is available only from Curriculum Corporation and is in paperback format. This is an essential tool for all Teacher Librarians to ensure consistent and accurate subject headings in the library catalogue. Further product details are available on our brochure and on the SCIS website.
  2. Australians Win /ASL Awards
    Australian Teacher Librarians can be proud of the 1999 International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) award winners, Oueenslanders Jenny Ryan and Steph Capra, and Suzette Boyd (and her colleagues) at Methodist Ladies' College in Kew. Suzette Boyd, Director of Library Services at MLC has been awarded the progressive School Library Media Award for the implementation of innovative ideas to enhance the lifelong learning skills of students. For more information on IASL, and some great links to sites for Teacher Librarians check the IASL website at: <http://www.hi.is/-anne/ iasl.html>.

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