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1. LIIWeek

If you subscribe to this free service, the top twenty or so sites that are added to the Librarians' Index on the Internet each week are emailed to you in one batch weekly. Emanating from Berkeley sunSITE, Librarians' Index to the Internet is an annotated and searchable database which contains almost 4,500 Internet sites which have been selected and vetted by librarians. The sites available via LIIWeek are largely from the USA, but as they are abstracted and hotlinked selection is simple. By scrolling through, Teacher Librarians can access a wide variety of sites that may be interesting or relevant to themselves, teachers, parents or students. To subscribe: Send the message <Subscribe liiweek yourFirstname yourLastname> to Email: [email protected]

2. Referendum on a Republic

On 6 November 1999 Australians will be asked to decide whether they agree to change the Constitution to become a Republic and whether a new preamble should be added to the Constitution. The Constitutional Centenary Foundation is an independent non-partisan organisation set up to inform and encourage public debate on the Australian system of government. For a copy of simple and factual information, contact:
Constitutional Centenary Foundation
Level 2/723 Swanston Street,
Carlton VIC 3053
Tel: (03) 9349 1846
Fax: (03) 9349 1779
Freecall: 1800 622 001
Email: [email protected]
Website: <http://www.centenary.org.au>.

3. Syba Signs

At a recent conference Syba Signs were involved in the trade exhibition. SCIS staff who attended the conference thought that Teacher Librarians may be interested in the products this business provides. This service offers signs, instructional posters and bibliographic guides for school libraries. The signs are designed and produced by Phyl Williamson, an experienced Teacher Librarian, who understands the need for positive and meaningful school library signage that reflects the culture of the library, assists users with new technology and location of resources, and enhances the library environment. Included among sets of instructional posters available is a series on the Internet:

Evaluating the Internet
Focuses potential users of the Internet on critical questions they need to consider such as the authority, objectivity, ease of use, coverage, presentation, currency and accuracy.

Net Search
A series of seven posters including Directory addresses, Single Engine addresses, Multi search engine addresses, What is a URL?, Copyright and the Internet, Australian search engines and Title page.

Search Hints
A series of four posters including Boolean search explanation, Truncation and Proximity search.

Email Explained
A series of four posters including Email addresses, Email message and What is Email?.

Other Products include: Bibliographical 'A' framecharts, Text type posters (Genres) and Dewey directions.

Further details contact Phyl Williamson: Tel: (02) 9818 4898; Mobile: 0413153 950; Email: [email protected]

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