What's New?

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

1. New release
The revised edition of the SCIS Standards for Cataloguing and Data Entry will be available in 2001. The SCIS Standards are applied by SCIS cataloguing agencies to ensure the consistency and quality of SCIS catalogue records. These standards are based on international cataloguing and classification standards and are customised to meet the needs of Australian and international schools and students. This new edition of the SCIS Standards for Cataloguing and Data Entry features:
• A comprehensive revision of the section on MARC coding, including a new chapter on MARC authorities. The MARC coding section includes helpful examples illustrating the practical application of SCIS standards.
• A new chapter addressing the cataloguing of websites.
• A full update with all decisions made by the national cataloguing agencies to December 2000.
• Detailed contents pages and an index.

Further detai ls are available at <http://www.curriculum.edu .au/scis/handouts/handouts.him>.

2. Conferences in 2001
The International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) conference will be held on 6-12 July 2001 in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2001 the IASL conference will be held in the South Pacific region for the first time. This is a wonderful opportunity for Teacher Librarians from Australia and New Zealand to participate in an international forum and hear about developments in school libraries around the world. Follow the links to the conference website from <www.iasl-slo.org> This website is being updated regularly and will include program details.

The ASLA XVII conference 'Forging New Directions' will be held on 1-4 October 2001 at the Twin Waters Resort on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Curriculum Corporation is delighted to sponsor the SCIS oration, to be given by Dr Ross Todd. Ross is the Head of Department in Information Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, and has a special interest in information and knowledge management in schools. The ASLA conference is attended by Teacher Librarians from all around Australasia. It offers school library professionals the chance to meet their peers and explore new directions in school libraries. More information is available at <http://www.sunweb.net/slaq/asla/>.

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