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Turning the school library into a thriving community hub

By Anne Devenish

Issue 103, Term 4 2017

iture, colour, contemporary interior design, and a sense of space are an excellent start. At Camberwell Girls Grammar School, the senior and junior libraries are currently in their third successful year of contributing to the school calendar by offering an array of community programs, including Ta

Improving literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities

By Karen Williams

Issue 111, Term 4 2019

ndation (ILF) is an Australian organisation that works to reduce low literacy rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children by supplying libraries of culturally appropriate books to remote Indigenous communities. Many early literacy academics and researchers argue that cultivating a l

Looking back: school library catalogues and the online revolution

By Lance Deveson

Issue 100, Term 1 2017

terial, purchased in rolls. We usually wasted a complete set getting the cards to line up, which furthered our interest in computing and their use in libraries. But as a young teacher librarian, I was excited to be using this new technology, and thought it a major leap forward in getting books onto

School library spotlight: Macleans College

By Christine Hurst

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

e library manager and my role is a mixture of behind the scenes and ‘front of house’ tasks. An ordinary day — if there is such a thing in high school libraries — could involve acquisition and purchases, showing a class how to access the databases we have, updating procedure documents, curating onlin

School library spotlight: Cerdon college

By Nancy Sylaprany

Issue 124, Term 1 2023

conversation about an interest they have in a particular area, or instructing them in skills to become discerning users of information.  In school libraries, we are in a unique position to be able to develop relationships with students over a number of years. Students know that the library can be

School library spotlight: Chisholm Catholic College

By Monique McQueen

Issue 100, Term 1 2017

maintain, and promote digital resources; run events; and lead the development of learning spaces in the school. How long have you worked in school libraries, and what inspired you to go down this path? I have worked in both primary and secondary school libraries for nine years. After 13 years a

Library makerspaces: revolution or evolution?

By Chris Harte

Issue 97, Term 2 2016

The makerspace movement is gaining momentum in the world of libraries, although it is not an entirely new concept. One of the first makerspaces built specifically to invigorate the hearts, hands, and minds of young inventors opened in 1876. Established by Thomas Edison in the New Jersey hamlet of M

School library spotlight: Melbourne High School

By Pam Saunders

Issue 99, Term 4 2016

potlight’. This article gives us an opportunity to interview school library staff, so we can share with our readers what is happening within school libraries in Australia and New Zealand. Do you have any questions you’d like us to include in this section? Please email [email protected]

The future role of the teacher librarian

By Dr James E Herring

Issue 100, Term 1 2017

ervice leader will continue to be the teacher librarian’s key role within the school. Resources There may still be printed books in future school libraries, and, at least in the foreseeable future, there will be — perhaps mainly for recreational reading. Educational resources may increasingly be

School library spotlight: Academy of Mary Immaculate

By Anne Chowne

Issue 111, Term 4 2019

subject headings/ ScOT terms they use. Please keep producing Connections and tapping into the wonderful things that are happening out there in school libraries. Image credits Images supplied by Anne Chowne

The future of Australian educational publishing

By Lee Walker

Issue 116, Term 1 2021

y overwhelming. There was also quick action to move author events from in-person to online, and industry-wide storytime agreements allowed schools, libraries and bookstores to continue much-loved shared reading experiences at home. Australian publishers also do all they can to encourage young pe

School library spotlight: Ocean Reef Senior High School

By Sarah Betteridge

Issue 109, Term 2 2019

eferencing sessions, and curriculum support. Our school library was one of the 17 Western Australian schools appearing on   Australia’s Great School Libraries Honours List . The library team is small. I manage two school administrative support staff who job-share one full-time role. We are also e

Stopping the slide: improving reading rates in the middle school

By Narelle Keen

Issue 99, Term 4 2016

ear of middle school — that number had fallen to 16.5 books per student. Of course, these figures do not take into account books borrowed from public libraries or from friends, or books that students had bought or received from family. However, the significant drop in numbers was concerning enough t

School library spotlight: Campbelltown Performing Arts High School

By Cathy Costello

Issue 101, Term 2 2017

a junior HSIE (Human Society and its Environment) class while simultaneously fulfilling my role as teacher librarian. I have worked in high school libraries, on and off, for more than 20 years. The teacher librarian role has been ever-changing and evolving in response to the information landscape

Genrefying the fiction collection

By Susan Davenport

Issue 102, Term 3 2017

r whole genre-labelling system. Lyn Hay presented a timely Syba Academy seminar, ‘Rethinking the collection: principles and practice for 21C school libraries’, and our four teacher librarians were given the opportunity to attend. As the reasoning for genrefication unfolded, it was clear that we we

Empowering school library staff to navigate the AI frontier

By Dr Kay Oddone

Issue 126, Term 3 2023

2022). AI for School Teachers . CRC Press. Nayyer, K., & Rodriguez, M. (2022). Ethical implications of implicit bias in AI: Impact for academic libraries. In S. Hervieux & A. Wheatley (Eds.), The rise of AI: Implications and applications of artificial ontelligence in academic libraries (pp.

Working together: collaboration between libraries and bookstores

By Kristen Proud

Issue 112, Term 1 2020

My partner Lucky and I opened Squishy Minnie, a specialist childrens and young adults (YA) bookstore, just over two years ago in Kyneton, a small regional town in Victoria. Our main aim was to increase the access local children and young people had to quality literature and to literary events. Pr

School Library Spotlight: St Stephen's School

By Lise Legg

Issue 120, Term 1 2022

1. What is your job title and what does your role entail? My job title is Head of Libraries at St Stephen’s School, which is an independent, co-educational Uniting Church school from Pre-kindergarten to Year 12. The school was established at the Duncraig Campus in 1984 and the Carramar Campus in

Leigh Hobbs on the invaluable, irreplaceable school library

By Nicole Richardson

Issue 106, Term 3 2018

and transformational power of reading and creativity for young people. During Leigh’s two years as laureate, he passionately campaigned for school libraries and school librarians, as well as the need for young people to engage in creative participation. His campaign for school libraries was drive

School library spotlight: Yarra Valley Grammar

By Dr Mark Merry, Miriam Meehan

Issue 112, Term 1 2020

us about the new Yarra Valley Grammar Research Centre and why the school has invested in it? There was a reasonably shallow view at one stage that libraries were going to go out of fashion because everyone could sit at home and do their research online. That misses the point. Libraries aren’t jus