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School library spotlight: Modbury High School

By Linda Guthrie

Issue 108, Term 1 2019

subjects, Research Project and Research Practices. Our school library was also one of the 23 South Australian schools appearing on Australia’s Great School Libraries Honours List ( I negotiate with teachers for the team-teaching of collaboratively planned units of inquiry

The new librarian: leaders in the digital age

By Digital Promise staff

Issue 96, Term 1 2016

My strategy has been advocacy based on results rather than on some platonic form of what the library should be’, he said. ‘It’s not waving a flag for school libraries. It’s about how they support student learning.’ Overall, Vancouver is like other districts in that it sees technology as an opportuni

What the School Library Survey has taught me

By Jen Sheridan

Issue 117, Term 2 2021

at hadn’t occurred to me as a student is that this doesn’t happen by accident but through the hard work and heart of the committed staff that work in school libraries. This has been highlighted to me through comments shared, many of which have been collated in these feature documents:

Turning the school library into a thriving community hub

By Anne Devenish

Issue 103, Term 4 2017

o are often equally fascinated by the literary world. This is why we decided to open our Meet the Author program to the wider school community. While school libraries have always provided opportunities for students to meet writers and illustrators, we invite parents, grandparents and guardians to jo

School library spotlight: Macleans College

By Christine Hurst

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

I am the library manager and my role is a mixture of behind the scenes and ‘front of house’ tasks. An ordinary day — if there is such a thing in high school libraries — could involve acquisition and purchases, showing a class how to access the databases we have, updating procedure documents, curatin

Looking back: school library catalogues and the online revolution

By Lance Deveson

Issue 100, Term 1 2017

assisted with development of the cataloguing module. As the project manager, this development was without doubt one of the highlights of my career in school libraries. We created a great system, which is still used by SCIS today.Voyager was released to schools in 1996, together with SCISLINK, which

Library makerspaces: revolution or evolution?

By Chris Harte

Issue 97, Term 2 2016

growing number of library makerspaces around Australia where people are encouraged to learn by tinkering, building, experimenting, and collaborating. School libraries are continuing to evolve from the outdated notion that they are simply repositories of knowledge stored within the bound pages of boo

School library spotlight: Ocean Reef Senior High School

By Sarah Betteridge

Issue 109, Term 2 2019

arch and referencing sessions, and curriculum support. Our school library was one of the 17 Western Australian schools appearing on Australia’s Great School Libraries Honours List. The library team is small. I manage two school administrative support staff who job-share one full-time role. We are al

School library spotlight: Chisholm Catholic College

By Monique McQueen

Issue 100, Term 1 2017

develop, maintain, and promote digital resources; run events; and lead the development of learning spaces in the school. How long have you worked in school libraries, and what inspired you to go down this path? I have worked in both primary and secondary school libraries for nine years. After 13 ye

School library spotlight: Academy of Mary Immaculate

By Anne Chowne

Issue 111, Term 4 2019

nto the subject headings/ ScOT terms they use. Please keep producing Connections and tapping into the wonderfulthings that are happening out there in school libraries. Image credits Images supplied by Anne Chowne

School library spotlight: Melbourne High School

By Pam Saunders

Issue 99, Term 4 2016

library spotlight’.This article gives us an opportunity to interview school library staff, so we can share with our readers what is happening within school libraries in Australia and New Zealand.Do you have any questions you’d like us to include in this section? Please email [email protected]

Genrefying the fiction collection

By Susan Davenport

Issue 102, Term 3 2017

review our whole genre-labelling system. Lyn Hay presented a timely Syba Academy seminar, ‘Rethinking the collection: principles and practice for 21C school libraries’, and our four teacher librarians were given the opportunity to attend. As the reasoning for genrefication unfolded, it was clear tha

School library spotlight: Campbelltown Performing Arts High School

By Cathy Costello

Issue 101, Term 2 2017

: I teach a junior HSIE (Human Society and its Environment) class while simultaneously fulfilling my role as teacher librarian. I have worked in high school libraries, on and off, for more than 20 years. The teacher librarian role has been ever-changing and evolving in response to the information la

A thank you to libraries and ELR

By Mem Fox, Nicole Richardson

Issue 102, Term 3 2017

too, to a high school class of refugees who were learning English, and was aghast to find myself choked with sobs at the end of it. Why do you think school libraries are so necessary for today’s children? It’s not just the libraries themselves, filled though they are with magical books of all kinds

Leigh Hobbs on the invaluable, irreplaceable school library

By Nicole Richardson

Issue 106, Term 3 2018

mportance and transformational power of reading and creativity for young people. During Leigh’s two years as laureate, he passionately campaigned for school libraries and school librarians, as well as the need for young people to engage in creative participation. His campaign for school libraries wa

Supporting multiple literacies through robotics clubs

By Chelsea Quake

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

School libraries have long had a natural affinity with English and humanities departments. This is understandable, given school library professionals’ long-standing involvement in literacy support and advocacy, and the traditional assumption that literacy belongs to these subjects. However, the rece

Working with pupil library assistants in primary schools

By Lucy Chambers

Issue 107, Term 4 2018

elf-esteem and confidence, and feel empowered may gain an improved attitude toward education. Each year, the UK School Library Association and CILIP School Libraries Group run a national competition for secondary schools called the Pupil Library Assistant of the Year Award. A nominee acknowledged t

School library spotlight: Yarra Valley Grammar

By Dr Mark Merry, Miriam Meehan

Issue 112, Term 1 2020

s at Yarra Valley Grammar. My role is multifaceted. I teach a Humanities class most years. I also oversee the operations of the secondary and primary school libraries, coordinate the purchase and processing of resources, and promote reading of all types to classes in years 7–9. I build LibGuide reso

Promoting reading for pleasure in school libraries

By Emma Suffield

Issue 108, Term 1 2019

I have been a school librarian for five years now and what a journey it has been. The reason I applied for this role was to promote reading for pleasure and share my love of reading with young learners; there is nothing more satisfying than turning a reluctant reader into an avid one. When I started

Educational Lending Right school library survey

By Daniel Hughes

Issue 120, Term 1 2022

the Australian Government’s Office for the Arts. The purpose of the survey is to determine an estimate of the number of copies of books in Australian school libraries. The Office for the Arts then combines the school scores with university and TAFE estimates to determine how much money will be paid