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Supporting Australian book creators

By Sally Rippin

Issue 115, Term 4 2020

When I was growing up, our family moved around a lot. We lived in England, Brunei and Hong Kong, as well as Darwin, Perth and Adelaide, moving every couple of years because of my father’s job as an engineer. By the time I arrived in Melbourne, ready to start Year 8, I had already been to seven diffe

Supporting Australian book creators

By Anna Fienberg

Issue 116, Term 1 2021

In her novel Celestial Navigation, Anne Tyler observes: ‘One sad thing about this world is that the acts that take the most out of you are usually the ones that other people will never know about.’ Like billions of other fans of good fiction, I am saved every day by insights such as Anne’s. Novels l

The Great Aussie Book Count 2021-22

By Michelle Harvey

Issue 121, Term 2, 2022

We would like to thank everyone who participated in last year’s ELR School Library Survey. We were thrilled to receive results from over 300 schools across the country: an outcome that is truly appreciated during another challenging year. The ELR School Library Survey is conducted each year by Educa

ELR interview with Kim Brunoro

By Education Services Australia

Issue 123, Term 4 2022

Kim Brunoro is the Director of Literature and Contemporary Music in the Creative Industries Branch, part of the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts. Kim discusses the Educational Lending Right (ELR) School Library Survey,

Supporting Australian book creators

By Education Services Australia

Issue 112, Term 1 2020

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ELR Interview with Alice Pung

By Article by Education Services Australia

Issue 124, Term 1 2023

Alice Pung is one of Australia’s most-loved writers; her books appear in libraries around Australia. Alice’s first novel, the prize-winning Laurinda, was recently adapted for the stage and presented by the Melbourne Theatre Company. Alice spoke to Connections about libraries, Laurinda, her most rece

ELR: big win for Aussie authors

By Amanda Shay

Issue 126, Term 3 2023

Have you ever thought about how lucky Australian school children are to have to access Australian-made content in their school libraries? One copy of an Australian-made book may have been purchased for your school library and can now be borrowed hundreds of times. Yet, the author was only paid once

SCIS interviews Teacher Librarian Award winner Megan Daley

By Megan Daley

Issue 126, Term 3 2023

Congratulations on winning the ASLA Teacher Librarian Award. Can you talk to us a little about what it is that drew you to becoming a teacher librarian? I was originally an early childhood teacher, so my first degree was a Bachelor of Education in early childhood. I did that always with the knowledg

21st-century literacy with graphic novels

By Iurgi Urrutia

Issue 115, Term 4 2020

Reading is reading We read books, newspapers, magazines, billboards, signs, notices, bills, websites, blogs, social media posts et cetera. When we read all those things, consciously or unconsciously we’re developing and using multiple literacy skills. Thanks to the internet and social media, we’re a

Finding just the Right Resource

By Dr Belle Alderman AM

Issue 125, Term 2 2023

ent languages. We hold large collections of authors’ papers and manuscripts, illustrators’ artworks, research files with information on more than 550 authors and illustrators plus ephemera. With such a rich collection of material, we pondered how we might promote our collections virtually to help pe

SCIS is more

By Dr Ben Chadwick

Issue 99, Term 4 2016

Welcome to Connections 99.Every year during September and October, SCIS sends out subscription renewals to all schools not covered by a bulk licence arrangement. If you are not on a bulk-deal arrangement and have not yet received your invoice, please ensure your administrators know it will be coming

Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

Issue 104, Term 1 2018

linked to the Australian Curriculum. Material includes units of work, professional development videos, webinars, professional papers, and details of authors and illustrators who will visit schools. SCIS no. 1844446 Powtoon www.powtoon.comTeachers wishing to engage students, or the wider school comm

Alternate worlds – Paul Collins reflects on his writing and publishing career

By Paul Collins

Issue 118, TERM 3 2021

nvolved in the survey or classes could support this work during their library times. What a great opportunity for students to support their favourite authors and illustrators!

Turning the school library into a thriving community hub

By Anne Devenish

Issue 103, Term 4 2017

Location, location, location! How does this position a school library to engage successfully with the wider community? Perhaps the catchcry should be ‘Ambience, ambience, ambience’. Of course, there is much more to attracting interest and audiences in the event-rich Melbourne scene, but beautiful su

Language, literature and literacy during COVID-19 and beyond

By Annette Wagner

Issue 114, Term 3 2020

y Australian teachers during isolation was Story Box Library, a subscription-based educational website, created for children to view stories by local authors and illustrators being read aloud. Annette Wagner of Story Box Library describes some of the innovative work that teachers and librarians have

Celebrating Children's Book Week with the CBCA

By Jane O'Connell

Issue 98, Term 3 2016

s, which have become the most respected and influential in Australia. The awards have had a profound influence on the careers of countless Australian authors and illustrators, and on the literacy levels of Australian children. Award categories are: Older Readers, Younger Readers, Early Childhood, Pi

ASLA XIV... From the Delegates Perspective

By Pru Mitchell

Issue 15, Term 4 1995

y have occasionally censored the odd print copy, whereas now it is possible to alter an 'unacceptable' work globally. She also stressed the rights of authors and illustrators to receive a fair monetary return for their labour. Just because the work is being used for education should not mean that au