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The Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) creates high-quality, consistent catalogue records for school libraries. With quick and easy download, SCIS makes cataloguing simple.

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Upcoming webinars announcing new free collections in SCIS

Tue, 16 Apr 2024

Free digital resources in SCIS

Tuesday 14 May, 10AM AEST and Wednesday 15 May, 3PM AEST

In this 45-minute webinar we'll show you free digital resources for your school library available through SCIS, and teach you to import records for them seamlessly into your library management system.

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Free Interactive Fiction on SCIS now

Tue, 19 Mar 2024

Interactive fiction is an immersive storytelling medium where players can choose their own adventures. SCIS cataloguers have created records for 35 free interactive fiction titles, complete with URLs for direct, seamless access to these resources straight from your library catalogue.

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Learn about the latest resources catalogued by SCIS

Tue, 13 Feb 2024

Our new resources mailing list keeps you up to date with recently released resources for your school library.

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SCIS services are important in ensuring efficiency and quality in our cataloguing processes. SCIS provides an authority set that is school-catalogue appropriate and meets our curricula needs. The Dewey classification is thorough and systematic. I unreservedly recommend SCIS to library professionals.

Robert George
Head of Libraries
The Alice Smith School, Malaysia
SCIS is great. It’s really, really helped my cataloguing. It has such a high hit rate, especially as SCIS has got so many English schools now. I would say the hit rate is about 98%. The ability to enter a book that SCIS doesn’t have a catalogue record for, and to ask for it to be done for you is just great. I love that.

Caroline Roche
Eltham College, UK
SCIS is an essential pillar within the school library community. Through the provision of accurate and comprehensive catalogue records, as well as their strong role in advocacy and professional learning, SCIS plays an active and vital role. I recommend their high-quality and timely services to any school library.

Kay Oddone
Teacher Librarian
Queensland, Australia

Library management systems

SCIS works with providers of library management systems to ensure the most efficient delivery of SCIS products and services. Subject to agreement, library system vendors are offered complimentary access to SCIS products for the purposes of development, testing and demonstration.

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University and TAFE educators

SCIS supports university and TAFE educators in training and developing future librarians with essential cataloguing skills. Subject to agreement, lecturers of librarianship courses are offered complimentary access to SCIS for their students to use as part of their studies.

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Publishers and content providers

SCIS works closely with a number of publishers, distributors and suppliers. By arranging for new, high demand titles to be catalogued in the SCIS database, publishers have an additional avenue for reaching their market and customers have a consistent resource management solution.

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