SCIS encourages publishers to send in new titles print and digital that are suitable for the schools market, along with the Onix data. The SCIS cataloguing team work from 'item in hand' to ensure high-quality, comprehensive MARC records are created.

Benefits of sending items to SCIS:

  • Exposure: Titles are visible to educators browsing the SCIS catalogue
  • Quality: Dewey classification and educational subject headings are assigned improving search and resource management within schools
  • Efficiency: Educators can feel confident that MARC records are available on acquisition, meaning content can be put to use quickly

Over 8,000 schools across the world subscribe to SCIS, including 77% of Australian schools and 42% of New Zealand schools.

To register for your titles to be catalogued by SCIS, please contact us.

A note for Australian book creators: To register your books with SCIS, as part of the Educational Lending Right (ELR) program, please contact us. Items will need to submitted to SCIS no later than February each year, to be included in the following program year.