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Exploring time and place through children's literature

By Tania McCartney

Issue 97, Term 2 2016

Books can enrich children’s lives beyond measure. Exposure to other people and cultures, whether directly or indirectly, does extraordinary things to children. It opens their heads and crams wonderful things inside. It relaxes their hearts, softens their emotional boundaries, and enriches their mind

Author Spotlight: Vanessa Len

By Vanessa Len

Issue 119, Term 4

Tell us a bit about your journey towards becoming a published writer. Only a Monster is a young adult novel about a monster girl whose summer is ruined when the cute guy at work turns out to be a monster slayer! It’s my first novel, and the journey to its publication has been exciting, surreal, and

A thank you to libraries and ELR

By Mem Fox, Nicole Richardson

Issue 102, Term 3 2017

What role have libraries played in your life? I grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa, so libraries didn’t play a huge role in my early life. But at high school I spent a lot of time in the Bulawayo Library (our major city library) which was very well endowed at the time, and full of excellent non-fiction tha

Celebrating 80 years of Puffin

By Dot Tonkin

Issue 114, Term 3 2020

At the start of World War II, as British children faced mass evacuations on an unprecedented scale, Allen Lane, the founder of Penguin, said, ‘The worst has happened, but evacuated children are going to need books more than ever. Let us get out half a dozen as soon as we can.’ And so one of the worl

Supporting Australian book creators

By Nova Weetman

Issue 119, Term 4

I grew up in the outer eastern suburbs  of Melbourne along the Yarra River from Warrandyte, in a sleepy orchard town called Wonga Park. It wasn’t big enough for a permanent library. Instead, we relied on the weekly visit of a mobile library full of books. By the time I was ten, I was allowed to ride

The DANZ Childrens Book Award

By Kate Foster

Issue 126, Term 3 2023

Understanding the value of inviting and listening to a variety of voices is considered the ultimate path to true acceptance. Slowly but surely, more books are being published which shine a light on diverse characters and communities. Furthermore, educators are recognising the importance of adding th

Language, literature and literacy during COVID-19 and beyond

By Annette Wagner

Issue 114, Term 3 2020

Over the last few months, learning has moved to the digital space, changing the perception of online learning tools. Annette Wagner, Creative Director of Story Box Library, discusses how teachers have embraced digital learning practices and online tools, including storytelling tools. During isolatio

21st-century literacy with graphic novels

By Iurgi Urrutia

Issue 115, Term 4 2020

Reading is reading We read books, newspapers, magazines, billboards, signs, notices, bills, websites, blogs, social media posts et cetera. When we read all those things, consciously or unconsciously we’re developing and using multiple literacy skills. Thanks to the internet and social media, we’re a