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The appropriateness of age-appropriate reading levels

By Eric Neuman

Issue 108, Term 1 2019

As an educator, especially one who works with books and literacy, it feels taboo to not use or appreciate the value of reading levels, but we have chosen not to apply them in our library. For those not familiar with what they are, reading levels are a measure used by teachers to see how well their s

Genre wars

By Martin Gray

Issue 104, Term 1 2018

My local public library has moved to sorting its fiction collection by genre and has reported a 20 per cent increase in borrowing. Naturally, this has interested the school libraries in town. I decided to run a poll to see whether making the change was worth it for our school. Twenty-six per cent of

Taking the guesswork out of genre

By Brendan Eichholzer

Issue 91, Term 4 2014

School libraries are not just designed for accessing curriculum material; they are also a playground for young minds. Students who discover the joys of reading for pleasure are well positioned for enhanced literacy, language acquisition, cultural understanding, and social skills (Clark and Rumbold,

Genrefying the fiction collection

By Susan Davenport

Issue 102, Term 3 2017

‘What sort of books do you like reading?’ and ‘What do you do outside school?’ are two questions that I regularly find myself asking students looking for something to read. Usually the answer is a variation on ‘I dunno’, ‘Anything!’ or ‘Stuff’. Early in 2016, several things were on our radar regardi