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Leadership is not optional – it's a job requirement

By Hilda Weisburg

Issue 101, Term 2 2017

Malvolio say ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em’. Change ‘great’ to ‘leaders’ and ‘greatness’ to ‘leadership’ and you have a message for all school librarians. I am well aware our profession has experienced drastic budget cuts and elimination aroun

It’s time: let’s improve schools' perceptions of teacher librarians

By Bev Novak

Issue 99, Term 4 2016

I recently noticed that a work colleague shared a link to Sally Dring’s fabulous article published in 2014, ‘Don’t overlook your school librarian, they’re the unsung heroes of literacy’. When I read this article a couple of years ago, I shared it on Twitter, and was delighted to read Sally’s reply:

The new librarian: leaders in the digital age

By Digital Promise staff

Issue 96, Term 1 2016

to involve teacher librarians in key projects. As these efforts began to demonstrate effectiveness, teacher librarians increasingly assumed strategic leadership roles in their own schools and on local and state committees. This tact aligned with Superintendent Webb’s push to widen his circle of inst

The importance of school libraries in the Google Age

By Kay Oddone

Issue 98, Term 3 2016

In Australia, access to the internet is almost ubiquitous. In 2014–15, 85% of the Australian population aged 15 years and over were internet users, with 99% of people aged 15–17 using the internet (ABS 2016). With such widespread access to information comes the commonly asked question: now that we h

Collector, curator or collaborator?

By Jennie Bales

Issue 100, Term 1 2017

lth of resources.If you are just beginning your PLN journey, harness the learning content from your network to share with the teachers, students, and leadership team at your school. To become an active collaborator in the profession, leverage your exposure to quality content, build your own skills a