New and revised subject headings

New headings


Use for works on the imitation of nature in manufacture and design.


Use for works on currencies that use cryptography to secure and verify transactions and to control the creation of new currency units.

Computational thinking

Use for works on problem-solving methods that involve various techniques and strategies, e.g. Computer programming, Lateral thinking.

Family secrets

(No scope note)

Food allergy

Use for works on immune responses to specific foods. Works on difficulties digesting certain foods, which lead to physical symptoms, are entered under food intolerance. Works on the toxic effects of food containing naturally poisonous substances or toxic chemical residues are entered under Food - Toxicology.

Food science

Use for works about the application of science in the improvement of food products, their processing and handling for the consuming public. For works on the processing of food in general and on the marketing of processed food products use Food industry. Use for textbooks about Food science as a subject.

Positive psychology

Use for works about developing positive
attitudes and outlooks on life.

New ‘see’ references

  • Bio-inspired engineering see Biomimicry
  • Biomimetics see Biomimicry
  • Bitcoin see Cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency see Cryptocurrencies
  • Food technology see Food science
  • First Nations (Australia) see Aboriginal
  • First Nations (Australia) see Torres Strait
  • First Nations (Canada) see Canadian
  • First Nations (North America) see
    American Indians
  • First Peoples (Australia) see Aboriginal
  • First Peoples (Australia) see Torres Strait
  • Positivity see Positive psychology
  • Secrets, Family see Family secrets

Revised subject headings

  • Aboriginal peoples
  • Agricultural workers
  • Allergy
  • Attitude (Psychology)
  • Canadian Indians
  • Cooking
  • Ecommerce
  • Family relations
  • Farm life
  • Farmers
  • Food
  • Food handling
  • Food industry
  • Food preservation
  • Food supply
  • Home economics
  • Money
  • North American Indians


  • Nutrition
  • Problem solving
  • Programming (Computers)
  • Psychology
  • Resilience (Psychology)
  • Secrecy
  • Thought and thinking
  • Torres Strait Islanders
  • War on Terrorism 2001 

    NOTE for War on Terrorism (2001):
    Use for works on the military
    operations, diplomatic activities and
    other counter-terrorist measures
    undertaken by the United States and
    allied countries in response to the
    September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
    on the United States.

The full reference structure for SCIS subject headings can be found in the SCIS Standards for Cataloguing and Data Entry

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