New Zealand News

By James Carroll

New Zealand school libraries are set to enhance 1997 curriculum under the new technology document.

We are now three weeks into the first term and have almost recovered from the initial flurry of activity - updating computer files, introducing new students to the library - and are beginning to settle into another year.

"What challenges are we to face this year as school librarian?" For many of us in New Zealand it is the introduction of new curriculum in a number of subject areas and in particular the cross curriculum technology document. Within each of these new curriculum documents there is an information problem solving/gathering component.

These changes together with the move to pupil centered education has impacted not only on teachers but school libraries as well. The expectation placed on school librarians are broadening to encompass an understanding of teaching a learning. This means that the school librarian in consultation with the teacher is having increased input into the information gather/problem solving process component of assignments.

Therefore a major challenge for the year is to raise our profile so that our skills are seen as essential in the delivery of the curriculum. We likewise need to develop our skills in the areas of teaching and learning so that we are able to work in close liaison with the teaching staff. This can only enhance our position in the school community and impact positively on our professional lives.

A busy year is to be had - especially if we are also to keep up with our traditional duties.

James Carroll


Queens High School