Internetting Corner

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Britannica Internet Guide
A navigation service to thousands of quality sites selected by Encyclopaedia Britannica editors. Still in the developmental stages.

AIMS Home Page
The Australian Institute of Marine Science offers information about research on the Great Barrier Reef and has related marine science links.

Australian Children's Television Foundation Home Page
Contains teaching and learning activities to complement the various programs developed by the Australian Children's Television Foundation.

Welcome to Network for Education
Home of the NSW Department of Education and Training, this comprehensive site covers news, policy information, training programs and a wealth of reviews of teaching/learning materials.

The JASON Project
The 'JASON Project' was developed by Dr Robert D. Ballard to allow teachers and students to become involved in expeditions using innovative teaching/learning methods.

Australian Newspaper Internet Sites
Links to over forty Australian newspapers are contained on this site.

A guide to the collections housed in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Welcome to the Alphabet Superhighway
A K-12 site containing a wealth of curriculum resources for teachers and students.

Britannica Sporting Records: The Olympic Games
Developed by Encyclopaedia Britannica this Website contains information on the Olympic Games, with a database of records. The first phase of a more extensive coverage of sports and sporting records.

Welcome to Rigby's World of Egypt
Mark Rigby's Website contains information about Egyptian travel, news, antiquities and even ancient love poems.

The World History Links Page
This award winning site contains extensive information and links on world history.

Pacific Islands Internet Resources Home Page
An index of resources available on the Pacific islands from Palau to Pitcairn and beyond.

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