Internetting Corner

By Nigel Paull

The following websites can be easily accessed on the Internet via the hypertext links found on Curriculum Corporation's Connections Website for Issue No. 29: <http://Www. curriculum. edu. au/scis/connect/connect. him>

Aboriginal Education Directorate -Education Department of Western Australia

Looking for ideas for implementing National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders· (NATSI) Week in your school this year? Included on this site are ideas from NAIDOC Week in 1998, including art and craft activities. recipes. research topics, puules and display suggestions. Bookmark the site for updates and for searchiRQ the links it contains.

Alexander Graham Bell -The Inventor

Most references to Bell assign his place in history to that of the inventor of the telephone. This site delves into his other inventions and theories including his forays into flight, the tetrahedron. hydrofoils. binary systems of computation and optical transmission of sound.

ALSC -The Randolph Caldecott Medal decott.htmI

Each year the Association for Library Services to Children awards the Caldecott Medal to the illustrator of the year's most distinguished American picture book. The site contains both the criteria for judging the award winners and a bibliography of all recipients from 1938 to 1999.

ANZSBEG'S Kids in Boats -A Boating Safety Education Program for Australia & New Zealand

ANZSBEG comprises both government and non-government bodies concerned with boating safety. Included on the site are activities for students, information for parents and units of work for primary teachers.

Australian War Memorial

The official site of the Australian War Memorial contains an impressive array of government and private source materials, photographs and art works, sound archives, databases and visitor information for teachers planning excursions.

Etymology of Names


Bookmark this site for students to browse through. The etymology of first names is discussed and an extensive list of names with associated facts is available. A well-researched and easily navigated site.

Flags of All Countries

Both quick and easy to use, this website displays national flags and a limited number of non-national flags. A particularly useful feature is the 'Flag identifier', which allows the user to systematically identify unknown flags by clicking on various colour schemes.

Future Eden

In an intriguing use of the Internet, noted author-illustrator Colin Thompson is publishing 300 words a day of a new science fiction novel, Future Eden. Previous entries have been archived on the site. A novel will be published at the end of the year, although it will have a twist with the introduction of two new characters. Links to Thompson's excellent home pages are available here also.

Helping Your Child Learn Science

Developed by the US Department of Education, this comprehensive site encourages parents and children to look at everyday aspects of science and to explore them. Many of the applications and background knowledge are suitable for the primary classroom as well.

Into the Wardrobe: The C.S. Lewis Website

This multi-award winning site is a treasure trove of information regarding the author C.S. Lewis. Among the contents are sound clips, personal anecdotes, biographies, collections of photographs, papers and links to other sites.

Librarians' Index to the Internet

This annotated and searchable database contains almost 4,500 Internet sites which have been selected and vetted by librarians. The site, now hosted by Berkeley sunSITE, is suitable for both librarians and non-librarians.

Parent's Guide to Cyberspace

Emanating from the American Library Association, this site is aimed at parents who are new to the Internet. It offers advice on site selection and hotlinks, suggests fifty worthy sites to explore and explains how librarians are applying their skills to help others utilise the Internet.

The Librarian's Role in the Electronic Information Environment

The academic paper published on this site by a member of the Department of Information and Library Studies at Loughborough University, UK, looks at the traditional functions and skills of the librarian, and parallels them within the era of electronic publishing.

Welcome to SchoolPC Australia

Those familiar with the print version of this publication will be pleased to see that it is now available online. Contents include reviews of software and hardware, lesson plans, IT applications, interviews and Internet site reviews.

Welcome to the Australian Libraries' Gateway

Developed on behalf of the Australian library community by the National Library of Australia, this Web-based directory has links to many Australian libraries. Teacher librarians will find it effective for tracking down print publications, linking to image collections, contacting publishers or even emailing those particularly 'curly' questions to a reference librarian.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull