Have you not been able to find some recent resources on the SCIS Database?

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

The March Update (see calendar below for the date it should be at your school) will include an additional 7000 new titles added to the SCIS database through the efforts of the Western Australian Agency. The resource you were searching for but unable to locate may be included in the March Updates for Full and Abbreviated Microfiche. Happy Searching!

Microfiche Dates for 1993

The following is the Calendar of Dates that both FULL and Abbreviated Microfiche Updates will be delivered to Schools.

  • April Full and Abbreviated: 6 May
  • Subject Authority (2): 9 May
  • May Full and Abbreviated: 4 June
  • June Full and Abbreviated: 5 July
  • July Full and Abbreviated: 6 August
  • Subject Authority (3): 13 August
  • August Full and Abbreviated: 3 September
  • September Full and Abbreviated: 4 October
  • October Full and Abbreviated: 1 November
  • Subject Authority ( 4): 4 November
  • November Full and Abbreviated: 29 November

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)