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The value of social history

By Sandra Watkins

Issue 96, Term 1 2016

Hotham in snow, delivered mail across the top, then went down to Dargo, several times a week – a return journey of about 97km on foot! This is social history. It has a significant place and long-lasting value in our history curriculum. As a Year 7 student in Queensland in 1968, I was required to mem

Bringing history to life

By Amanda Diaz

Issue 104, Term 1 2018

students. With more than 2.8 million items in its collection, the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) is the custodian of Australia’s audiovisual history. It is also a rich source for the classroom, with an increased amount of interesting, freely available content on the new website. Besides acc

Teaching Australian Cinema with Rabbit-Proof Fence

By Dr Stephen Gaunson

Issue 92, Term 1 2015

e River. Refusing to settle, the girls escape and set off on the 2400-kilometre long journey back to their family. There are various questions around history that this film can facilitate classes to discuss: Where is the film set? When is the film set? What characters are represented? How do the 'r

An inquiry-based approach to exploring Australian history

By Deborah Abela

Issue 99, Term 4 2016

ple since World War II, and both periods resonate with themes of fear, persecution, escape, identity, and hope. This made me think of my own family’s history and how, when my father was a young boy, he left his war-ravaged home of Malta with his family for a new life in Australia. I wondered how it

Historical fiction in the classroom: reflecting on Our Australian Girl and Do You Dare?

By Jane Goodwin

Issue 91, Term 4 2014

Our Australian Girl is a fiction series for girls featuring characters from different eras in Australian history, between 1808 and 1983. There are currently ten female characters, each with four books to their name, and each story set during a 12–18 month period of their life. The series is aimed at