Get to Know Your Editor

By Dianne Lewis

DIANNE LEWIS is the teacher-librarian in charge of the secondary school library of Mount Scopus College in Burwood, Victoria.

She is an avid reader and promoter of adolescent fiction and has developed a whole school approach to teaching information skills. She has been interested in the application of technology to libraries for many years and was one of the pioneer users of ASCIS microfiche and later the Dial-Up service. More recently she has been involved in the implementation of technologies such as CD-ROM, on-line databases and bulletin boards at Mount Scopus.

Dianne is currently completing a Master in Business Information Technology at RMIT in Melbourne, Her major area of interest is in researching current developments in CD-ROM and on-line applications in school libraries in Australia.

When not working and studying, Dianne enjoys reading on the beach, bush camping (while listening to Pavarotti), good theatre, patting the cats (two of them) and playing with her computer.

Dianne Lewis

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