Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

Website and apps reviewed for school library staff.

Augmented and virtual reality
The impact of augmented and virtual reality on education will be significant. Kathy Shrock explains the essentials of augmented and virtual reality and their application to teaching and learning. She also includes background information, teaching tips, appropriate apps, projects, and current research.
SCIS no. 1817209

Australian Ballet
Students and teachers studying dance will discover an assortment of material on this wonderful website. The Education section includes curriculum-related resources for specialist and non-specialist K–12 teachers, and provides details for expressions of interest for education programs commencing in 2018.
SCIS no. 1817219

BBC Earth
Stunning, quirky and thought-provoking information and vignettes about the universe are presented on this captivating website. Students can wander through a variety of topics including over 1,000 of Sir David Attenborough’s greatest wildlife moments, the latest discoveries, videos, and answers to ‘big questions’.
SCIS no. 1817223

Code the future
Code the future is an interesting Australian initiative that matches educators with volunteer coders, programmers and software engineers to work with students on coding projects. The website includes current projects, testimonials, and a blog.
SCIS no. 1817234

Governing Australia
This free app allows students to investigate most aspects of how the Australian Government governs. Using animation, illustrations, photos and videos, the content covers the Constitution, how laws are passed, election procedures, judicial power, and funding.
SCIS no. 1704704

In space we trust
Available in Russian and English, this absorbing art-based website is dedicated to space pioneers and researchers. Significant events in space exploration, spacecraft design, space flights, and voyages of discovery are examined utilising graphics, links, and original music.
SCIS no. 1817375

Learn about the Reef
An initiative of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, this wide-ranging website covers: details of the Authority and reef management; facts about the reef, its biodiversity and animals; and educational resources, coupled with F–12 Australian curriculum material.
SCIS no. 1817389

Learning – Royal Australian Mint
The education section of the Royal Australian Mint’s website offers resources for teachers, students and parents. Content includes the history of coins, the process of designing and minting coins, student interactives, and curriculum material for teachers.
SCIS no. 1817397

Science Bob
US science teacher and television presenter ‘Science Bob’ is committed to sharing his enthusiasm for science with students, teachers, and the wider public. Using instructions and videos, Science Bob presents an array of experiments to undertake, ideas for running science fairs, a selection of websites, and a blog.
SCIS no. 1530285

Science learning hub
This award-winning NZ website uses a variety of media to connect schools with the science community. The content has been developed by educators in conjunction with multimedia specialists, and can be searched by topic, concepts, or professional learning modules.
SCIS no. 1360566

State of the world’s plants
The information on this website offers ‘a baseline assessment of our current knowledge on the diversity of plants on earth [and] the global threats these plants currently face’. Reports include new plant discoveries, plant genomics, the impact of climate change, plant health, and extinction.
SCIS no. 1817481

STEM lesson plans & hands-on activities
Microsoft has developed a dynamic series of free downloadable STEM lesson plans featuring a variety of topics using affordable and accessible materials. Although the material is written with US curriculums in mind, most lesson plans are applicable to teaching STEM in other education systems.
SCIS no. 1817483

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull

Teacher librarian

North Coast, NSW