New and revised subject headings

By Cataloguing team, SCIS

Below is an overview of the new and revised subject headings approved by the SCIS Information Services Standards Committee in 2018.

New headings

HASS education
Use for works of, or works about education in the humanities and social sciences in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Use for the teaching of HASS education, without subdivision.

Use for works about community-operated workspaces where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, or science, can meet, socialise, collaborate and develop creative projects.

Psychic ability
Use for works on abilities that appear to be contrary to physical laws and beyond the normal sense perceptions.


Use for works about fictional heroes who usually possess supernatural or superhuman powers and are dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public and usually battling villains. Use only for works about fictional characters whose genesis began in comic books, graphic novels and manga, e.g. Superman, Spider-Man.

Temporary employment
Use for an employment situation where an employee is expected to remain in a position only for a period of time.

Revised headings

Heroes (Previously ‘Heroes and heroines’)
Use for works about people, animals, and fictional characters who are admired for their achievements, courage, or noble qualities.

People with disabilities (Previously ‘Disabled’)
For works about specific groups of people (including national/ethnic groups, etc) with disabilities, use phrase headings in the form [Group] with disabilities, eg Australians with disabilities, Children with disabilities, Adolescents with disabilities.

Psychical research
Changes to reference structure, including the removal of the following narrower terms:

  • Dreams
  • Hallucinations and illusions
  • Visual perception.

Cataloguing team, SCIS

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