Unlock the power of SCIS Authority Files with Accessit LMS: Watch the webinar today!

By Education Services Australia

In Term 4, SCIS is proud to be collaborating with Accessit Library to host a joint webinar.

Unlock the Power of SCIS Authority Files with Accessit LMS: Watch the webinar today!

For SCIS and Accessit customers, we have an exciting opportunity to delve into learning about SCIS Authority Files within Accessit Library Management System (LMS). We recently conducted a webinar for customers comprehensively covering this subject and the recording is now available to stream. Whether you're a seasoned library professional or just getting started with these powerful resources, this webinar is a must-watch event that promises to elevate your library management skills to new heights.

What are Authority Files?

SCIS Authority Files make the catalogue easier for your school community to search. In addition to retrieving resources that match the search term entered by a user, they expand results to include resources that might be related to the search term.

In search results, you'll see 'see' and 'see also' suggestions. For instance, if a student types 'bugs,' they're actually looking for information about insects, which is the correct term. Authority Files connect the search term to the right term and fetch resources about the subject the student is interested in. This makes searching more intuitive for students and teachers, especially when they don't know the exact term used to classify the resources they need. 

Webinar Content

  1. Controlled Vocabularies: Explore the concept of controlled vocabularies and understand why they are crucial for efficient cataloguing and information retrieval
  2. References: Learn how references play a pivotal role in ensuring users can find the materials they need, even when using different terms or synonyms.
  3. Controlled Vocabularies and References in Accessit: Discover how Accessit LMS integrates controlled vocabularies and references into its platform, simplifying your cataloguing process.
  4. Downloading SCIS Authorities into Accessit: Explore options for importing SCIS Authority Files into your Accessit LMS, ensuring your library's collection is aligned with the latest standards. This will include advice on setting up the new automatic Authority Files imports within Accessit.
  5. Administration of Authorities: Master the art of managing authorities within Accessit. Keep your authorities clean, remove errors, spelling mistakes and duplicates.

To access the webinar, use the QR code and follow the instructions on the below.

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