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By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Moving around Voyager

When logging onto Voyager (the SCIS database) and entering your User Number, User Name and Password, customers need to remember to press the <Fl> key to proceed to the next screen.

At the Main Menu (MM) in Voyager, you can use the initial letter of an option to select that particular option, for example, to select 'Review I Confirm Orders', press <R> and then <Fl> to move into the Review I Confirm Orders screen.

Bulk Ordering in Voyager

It is recommended that users enter only a screen full of ISBNs (approx 12) at a time, rather than larger unmanageable quantities of ISBNs when using the 'Bulk Order' option in Voyager. To do this:

  1. At the Main Menu (MM) screen in Voyager, use the ! arrow key to highlight 'Bulk Order' or press <B>, then press <Fl>.
  2. Enter the ISBNs into the Bulk Order (BO) screen and press <Fl>. Your order will then be checked against the SCIS database and a screen will appear informing you as to which items have/have not matched a record.
  3. Press <Fl> again and your orders are automatically saved into a work pool (minus the no matches) to await confirmation. You will be returned to the Main Menu (MM) screen.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 above until you have completed your order for the current session.
  5. Do not forget to confirm your orders that are in your work pool (ie send the order 'down the line' for processing) by selecting 'Review I Confirm Orders' from the Main Menu (MM).

Disconnecting from Voyager

An important reminder to SCIS online customers is that they must disconnect correctly from Voyager to ensure that they are logged off the system. Simply turning off your computer (and modem) in the midst of accessing an on-line database is not a recommended method for disconnecting. To disconnect properly, you will need to:

  1. At the Main Menu (MM) screen in Voyager, use the (arrow key to highlight 'Goodbye' or press <G>, then press <Fl>.
  2. The Goodbye (GO) screen appears. Press <F4> to finish/ quit your online session.
  3. A box appears indicating the charges-it is recommended that you take a written note of this information for future reference. Press <Enter>.
  4. You are now logged off Voyager (the SCIS database). To exit from SCISLINK (communications software), press the <ALT> and <FlO> keys together or click on 'FlO=Quit' at the base of the screen.
  5. The (blue) SCISLINK Main Menu screen appears. Either press <F10> or click on 'FlO=Exit' at the base of the screen.

SCIS Customer Assistance

In order to provide a more efficient service, SCIS customers are asked to provide a brief description of the nature of their call to our reception staff who will then put them through to the appropriate person. For example, customers can let us know whether they are making a SCIS-Account/Subscription enquiry, or need specific product assistance (Voyager, SCISLINK, etc). If there is not a SCIS Customer Service staff member available at the time of your call, please leave your name/school/phone number/message, and your call will be returned as soon as possible. The SCIS Customer Service staff would like to request that customers do not ask to be put on hold as our phone lines need to be kept open for other Curriculum Corporation calls. Your cooperation in this matter will enable the SCIS staff to maintain their high standard of customer service.

DDC21 Update

The review of DDC21 by the SCIS agencies is moving into the final stages. In the last issue (Connections Issue No. 20, 1997) it was stated that we hoped to begin cataloguing new records with DDC21 numbers in early May. We have had to revise our timeline and at this stage we are aiming to begin applying D0C21 numbers to new records in early June 1997.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)