Have You Read This?

By Nigel Paull

'Start up'. internet.au. March, 1998, 31-41

For those who need the rudiments of the Internet explained in logical steps, this article is vital. It covers the very basics of what the Internet comprises, how to choose an Internet Service Provider, what the World Wide Web is and how it functions, using email, and how to download files from the Internet. One of the most useful items is the double page glossary of all the technical terms, acronyms and jargon associated with the Internet.

Foley, C. 'Supporting teaching and learning via the Internet site reviews'. Scan. 17(1), February, 1998, 35-37

Colleen Foley has been coordinating reviews of books, CD ROMs and Internet sites for the NSW Department of Education and Training's journal, Scan, for a number of years. In this article she outlines a range of ways that using Internet site reviews help to support teaching and learning in schools. An important point she raises is that reviews of suitable sites can be presented not only to teachers and students, but also school councils and parents, thus highlighting the information technology available in schools today.

Lundy, K. 'Underclass grows from lack of access'. Australian Net Guide. April, 1998, 37

Senator Kate Landy discusses the inequities that are manifesting themselves in Australia in relation to information technology. Using Bureau of Statistics data she reveals that income and age are the major barriers to access of information technology, with only 19% of homes with incomes under $44 000 owning computers and 75% of computer users being under 40 years old. The other significant data that schools need to address is that rural Australian households are less likely to access on line or multimedia services compared with urban households.

Wilson, B. 'Walter McVitty Books: a success story'. Magpies. 13(1), March, 1998, 8-13

This perceptive article does more than merely trace the growth of Walter McVitty Books from its inception in 1985 to its sale to Lothian Books in 1997. Rather, Barbara Ker Wilson highlights the impetus and high standards that have characterised both Walter McVitty's career and the creation of Walter McVitty Books. The criteria for the publication of their books was always quality and excellence, and this was reflected in the list published by Walter McVitty Books and the authors that have been encouraged over the years.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull