Internetting Corner

By Nigel Paull

These sites can be easily accessed on the Internet via the hypertext links found on the Curriculum Corporation's Connections site for Issue No. 25 Autumn 98.

Electronic Resource Evaluations webinqu3.dll?
Coordinated by Education Queensland, this K-12 site provides teachers with evaluations of computer software and Internet sites.

Bookmark Tutorial -Evaluating Resources :8000/bkmk/ select.html
A worthwhile one-page checklist for evaluating Internet sites that is suitable for teachers and secondary students to use. Deals with authority, affiliation, currency, purpose and the intended audience.

Criteria for Evaluating Information Resources criteval .html
The Science and Engineering Library, University of Southern California, has devised a simple series of questions to ask when assessing the worth of information resources.

Fahan School Home Page Tasmania
http ://anti. pac it. tas.
An award winning site that contains details of the school's communication with students in Malang, Indonesia and another project involving students in Michigan, USA.

Needle in a CyberStack -the lnfoFinder bee/
John Albee, a US teacher, has developed a site with a plethora of pertinent worldwide links. Lists of top websites in various categories are a useful addition.

The Canadian School library Association Athens/olympus/ 1333/csla.htm
Content covered on this site includes effective school library programs, and meeting the information literacy needs of students in the 21s1 century. Links to book reviews, magazines, awards and authors can also be found here.

21st Century Problem Solving
Students and teachers of mathematics, physics and chemistry will be challenged b ) the problems to be solved on this site.

Sea and Sky
This exciting, innovative and extensive site deals separately with the sea and the sky. The content is interactive and certainly encourages browsing.

NZ Online Curriculum Resource
http://vif 4.iac. org.nziindex.html
Create by the New Zealand Telecom Education Foundation, this site is organised by curriculum learning areas and contains a wealth of material and links pertinent to both teachers and students.

Ancient Greek (Hellenic) links ink.html
The scores of links to ancient Greece on this site are grouped according to Authors & Texts, Arts & Images, Essential Resources & Topics and Maps & Geography.

El Nino imate/glossary/elnino/elnino.html
Developed by the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology, this site explains the global effects of El Nino and its impact on climate variability in Australia. Also included are future climatic patterns, the Southern Oscillation and detailed diagrams.

CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club ication/ doublehe/doublehe.htm
Upper primary and secondary students who enjoy science may be interested in joining this science club run by the CSIRO. Australian

Copyright Council Home Page
Most information you need about the various copyright laws in Australia can be found on this site.

Keypals Main Directory
The goal of this group is to list every secondary school in the world that has a web page and to promote communication and the interchange of ideas between students and teachers. A recent enhancement allows for the translation of messages.

Australian Weather Links and News Index
A comprehensive site dealing with the forecasting of Australian weather. Includes useful links, archives, and news and reference material.

TF1: livecam frame.phtml?livecam&sommaireuk.htm
TF1 have live camera feeds of various views of Paris from their television transmission tower. Useful for studies of France, or for when you are feeling jaded and wishing you were 20 000 kilometres away!

Nigel Paull