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Subscriptions 1999

In 1999 there will be only two products available for obtaining catalogue records: SCISWeb and SCISCO. As stated in the previous Connections there will be no SCIS Online (Via SCISLINK), Microfiche, Rapid Retrospective, ASCIS Recon or catalogue cards.

At this stage it appears that all 1998 discounted bulk subscription arrangements will continue for 1999. If you were part of such an arrangement. you will receive notification from the relevant Education Department/Agency.

1999 Statewide SCIS subscription arrangements

NSW Government Schools
The statewide subscription to SCIS products and services negotiated in 1998 by the NSW Department of Education and Training will continue in 1999.

WA Government schools
The 1998 arrangement for WA Government schools' access to SCISWeb, will continue in 1999.

SA Government schools
The 1998 arrangement for SA Government schools' access to SCIS products will continue for 1999, when only SCISWeb and SCISCO will be available.

Queensland Government schools
Discussions are underway for a statewide subscription to SCISWeb and SCISCO for Queensland Government schools for 1999. Further information will be provided by Education Queensland via its Education Views.

National Catholic Education Commission
Negotiations are currently underway with respect to arrangements for 1999. State and Territory Catholic Education Commissions and/or diocesan Catholic Education Offices will contact schools in the near future regarding these arrangements.

ACT Government schools
ACT Government schools should check with their School Library Services for information about 1999 subscription arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: For all people not involved in bulk arrangements the SCIS Subscription forms will be forwarded to schools in October to allow Teacher Librarians sufficient time to budget and plan for 1999. 

Why you should choose SCISWeb

To assist customers who are undecided about which product to purchase we have listed the extra benefits that are available when using SCISWeb.

  • On line to the live SCIS database of approximately 600,000 bibliographic records
  • Able to download bibliographic records of resources as soon as they are added to the SCIS database
  • Faster to download records
  • More searching options in the Voyager WEB OPAC
  • Able to print up bibliographies as an aid to selection of resources
  • Able to view the subject headings with see and see also references
  • No waiting for the next updated edition of SCISCO to be delivered

Address details

Due to constant staff changes in schools it is not possible for us to send mail with personal names of library staff. All mail sent by SCIS to schools is addressed to 'TEACHER LIBRARIAN'. We do realise that some people do not use that particular title for their role within the school and may prefer one of the many other options available. However, as Curriculum Corporation deals with thousands of schools across Australia and overseas it is our policy to apply the title 'TEACHER LIBRARIAN' when mailing out to libraries. If any other address details change please contact us.

lnformation for Teacher Librarians on the SCIS homepage

SCISWeb is one of the ten menu options on the SCIS homepage. Many Teacher Librarians have already taken the opportunity to read the information we have provided. To access information which has been added to any of the menu options choose 'SCIS website updates· to select new links.

Handy Hints


  1. Bookmarking SCISWeb
    Many customers using SCISWeb bookmark the location to gain quick access every time they logon. We advise customers to choose the 'Take me to SCISweb' page and not the next screen with the login dialogue box. This allows you to read any important messages that SCIS staff display. A reminder also that the 'Message of the day' should be viewed regularly to take advantage of handy hints and relevant information.
  2. Hit rate
    We recommend that the initial search for a catalogue record is done by scanning or typing the ISBN. If this is not successful then it is recommended that a title or author search is carried out of the resource is not found. Please contact your state cataloguing agency to arrange for the items to be catalogued.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)