Internetting Corner

By Nigel Paull

These sites can be easily accessed on the Internet via the hypertext links found on Curriculum Corporation's Connections site for Issue No. 28.

A Walk Through Time
Developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, this website highlights the evolution of time measurement from the first calendars based on the moon and stars, through to mechanical clocks and the latest atomic clocks.

Bookmark this site for students who like to browse. It sends updated pictures every 30 seconds from several game reserves in South Africa. Users can view a variety of wildlife at watering holes, talk to rangers, and read news or stories.

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A variety of useful geographic facts and figures about Australia are available from this Commonwealth government website. It contains various maps, statistics, and information regarding land tenure and landforms.

Education Journal Annotations journals/anno_AB.html
If you are looking for educational journals, this site, which is updated regularly, has an extensive annotated list of current educational journals for K-12 teachers. Internet links are provided for those journals with a web presence.

Environmental Monitoring of Australia from Space
Emanating from the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Heritage, this website includes satellite data images and maps of Australia's vegetation cover, analysis of the ravages of flood, fire and drought, and comparative image archive data of seasons.

Eureka Stockade
This site is useful for teachers planning an excursion to Ballarat with a focus on the Eureka rebellion. The website contains background information about the uprising, along with information about Ballarat, the Eureka Trail and the new Eureka Centre.

Great Plant Escape
Detective LaPlant has several mysteries to solve in the plant world and he needs the assistance of primary students to do this. This is an engaging plant science-based site, which incorporates several other subjects.

Info Zone Research Skills Area
Information skills applicable to most areas of research are highlighted and then reinforced for students on this website. The site also contains scores of subject links that students and teachers can investigate for content worth.

Kids Web Japan
Most aspects of Japanese culture, geography and daily life are explored on this comprehensive site, which will intrigue students in primary and lower secondary schools. Students will be particularly interested in the recipes, games and Language Lab.

Mitchell Library Bookmarks
The State Library of NSW has a treasure trove of links to topics including flags, Federation, electronic journals, genealogy, calendars and various awards.

Tech Museum -The Satellite Site satellite/
This amazing site explains what satellites are, what they do and how they communicate, complemented by animated sequences. An interactive program allows users to build three different types of satellites.

Telstra Corporation: Education Development Unit
Telstra offers information about its free educational resources about telecommunications for both primary and secondary teachers and students. Corporate information sheets are available for secondary students.

Young Scientists of Australia
Aimed at promoting science to both secondary and university students, this site contains links to other science-related organisations and information on Young Scientists of Australia activities.

Wazza's School Technology
Although dealing specifically with technology issues in NSW state schools, most of the information available on this site deserves a wider audience. Topics of particular relevance to Teacher Librarians include: 'School computer networks'; 'Setting up a school intranet'; 'School technology planning', and 'Sharing your internet connection over several machines'.

Whereis, the forerunner of an interactive atlas of Australia, is an online street directory (jointly owned by Universal Press and Telstra) which currently features Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Geelong, Perth, Brisbane, the Gold COast and the Sunshine Coast.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull