From the Executive Director

By David Francis

Our readers are advised that further to an article on SCIS in Vol 6 No 3 of ACCESS, we have accepted their invitation to provide a contribution to the journal.

As we consider CONNECTIONS to be our major communication with our subscriber, I am taking this opportunity to observe that while the advocacy of the ACCESS article is appropriate and welcome, we have some disquiet about the way that argument has been mounted.

Simply stated Curriculum Corporation has no intention of diminishing the value of our library products and services. Just the opposite. Our Board is in the process of approving enhancements to program management delivery that can only act on support of improving satisfaction of system, school librarian and teacher needs. We are confident of the future. We believe we will be taking the best choices, as we will be so doing in the spirit and context of collaboration. We are very much in business and your continued support and involvement is essential. SCIS is not only alive and well, we are insistent it remains so.

David Francis

Exeutive Director