Handy Hints for SCISWeb

By Schools Catalogue Information Service

Faster Retrieval of WEB OPAC Screens

If you are experiencing delays in retrieving WEB OPAC pages, it may be worth checking the settings in your browser cache. In Netscape Communicator this is found in: Edit/ Preferences/ Advanced/Cache. In Internet Explorer V5 this is found in: Tools/Internet Options/General/Settings. If the setting 'Everytime' (Netscape) or 'Every visit to the page' (Internet Explorer) has been chosen, the retrieval of the search buttons such as 'Keyword', 'Heading', 'Search' and 'Limit' (gif files) will be delivered back to your PC each time you use the search screens. However, if you change your cache setting from 'Everytime' or 'Never' to 'Once per session' (Netscape) or 'Everytime you start Internet Explorer' (Internet Explorer) then the buttons (git files) are delivered to your PC only once when you initially connect to SCISWeb, with all subsequent appearances for that session retrieved from the temporary PC cache. This reduces the volume of data sent via the Internet connection, hence you will have a speedier response.

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