Internetting Corner

By Nigel Paull

These sites can be easily accessed on the Internet via the links found on the Curriculum Corporation's Connections site for Issue No. 30: <http:// www. curriculum. edu. au/scis/connect/connect. htm>.


The Australian Rural Education Research Association's presence on the Internet covers the group's activities in regard to news, research, upcoming conferences, and associated domestic and international links for rural educators.


With the increasing integration of students with Asperger's Syndrome or Autism into mainstream classes, this is a useful site to assist teachers to understand the particular needs of these children. A variety of pertinent links are available.

Australian Bureau of Statistics World Wide Web Information Service

Updated daily, this site contains a comprehensive statistical profile of Australian economic and social conditions. Details of new products and how to access the various services are provided.

AwardWeb: Collections of literary Award Information

Although the author's main emphasis is on science fiction awards from around the globe, prominence has also been given to national literary awards in other genres from a number of countries.

Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics

The basic scientific principles of aeronautics and propulsion are outlined on this site hosted by NASA. Developed as background information for secondary teachers of Mathematics and Science, it has been revised to include interactive animated pages suitable for students.

Berit's Best Sites for Children

Initiated by a Canadian librarian this directory of sites is suitable for primary students. Her selection and ratings policy is clearly stated, and the site is easily navigated. Topics encourage exploration by students and teachers alike.

The Busy Educator's Guide to the Web

Teacher Librarians, teachers, parents and students are all catered for on this extensive directory. Links include: Internet, software and book reviews; a site specific search engine; and articles and reports for teachers. A subscription to the free monthly email newsletter, which includes new reviews and articles, is available on request.

Elanora Heights Primary School I library.html

The URL for this site actually connects to this primary school's comprehensive library site. This is a commendable starting point for Teacher Librarians seeking inspiration for starting or modifying their library's home page.

ICONnect: Home Page

Developed under the auspices of the American School Library Association this valuable website aims to assist Teacher Librarians, K-12 teachers and students to learn the necessary skills to utilise the Internet. Opportunities for integrating Internet resources into lesson plans are also explored.

Welcome to Go Fly a Kite

By using the information and lesson plans available teachers wishing to relate Mathematics and Science to the real world can engage their students in the construction of kites, and the theory and practicalities of flying them.

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map 

The content of this site is aimed at students who are studying cartography at a basic level. The explanations, maps and diagrams are all clear and concise. Teachers may wish to make use of the mapping crossword puzzles.

NSW Science Teacher Educators Home Page

With input from Science teachers, lecturers, and scientists, this site includes details of contacts, conferences, news, courses and Internet links. Covering many fascinating aspects of Science, these links would reward further investigation by Science teachers or those with an interest in Science.

School Libraries: Empowering Learning F1.0/F1.8/index.htm

Developed for Teacher Librarians in NSW state schools by the NSW Department of Education and Training, this site is worth investigating by all Teacher Librarians. Iems of interest include a moderated library notice board, database of resource reviews, and key articles from the journal Scan.

Treasures at Sea

Although there are many sites that contain material regarding oceans, this one invites teacher and students to explore the oceans via literature. Sections of the site cover related books, writing and art activities, lesson plans, and interactive games and puzzles.

Warner Bros. Animation 101

Schools that have units of work covering animation should bookmark this site. All aspects of animation are concisely covered, from the writer's initial thoughts, to the projection on the screen.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull