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SCIS Subject Headings 4th edition

Over 2,000 customers have already placed a prepublication order for the new book with expected delivery in November 1999. The 620 page book is available for purchase (RRP $90.00; for Australian orders under $100.00 add $6.00 delivery) by sending an order form to Curriculum Corporation. An official order form is available at < bjhead.htm>.

SCIS Subject Headings is a list of allowed and non-allowed terms and phrases for use in Australian school library catalogues. This 4th edition incorporates all amendments since the previous edition and is presented in a new format that conforms to international indexing approaches. This comprehensive publication covering a wide range of subjects is a professional subject cataloguing tool developed over many years by a team of qualified cataloguers.


  • Developed for Australasian school libraries and curriculum needs.
  • Updated in response to changes in terminology, trends and attitudes.
  • Broad and specific terms with scope for the cataloguer to add new headings in many categories.
  • References for inclusion in library catalogues so that users are taken from non-allowed search terms to allowed subject headings and from allowed headings to related headings.
  • Extensive introduction and clear guidelines.
  • Revised headings for Aboriginal peoples.

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