Handy Hints for SCISWEB

By Schools Catalogue Information Service

  1. Customers are reminded to use the limits button, which is located at the bottom of the page when searching in WEBOPAC. This function is helpful when searching for computer software or video recordings as the system only retrieves records of these types. You are able to impose limits on the four types of searches in WEBOPAC (Heading, Keyword, Builder and Command).
  2. Although barcode scanners are configured to read ISBNs, occasionally when scanning a barcode on the back cover of a book the scanner reads the thirteen digit number instead of the ten digit ISBN (even though the ISBN is printed above the barcode). This is an error indicating that the ISBN is not imbedded in the barcode, hence you will need to type the ISBN.
  3. When doing a subject search in WEBOPAC for a hyphenated heading e.g. Computers -Fiction you may have noticed that WEBOPAC displays the 'Headings' results with no punctuation e.g. Computers Fiction. This is not a SCIS error but simply the way that Voyager displays the results.
  4. The hit rate for schools will vary when downloading an order from SCIS as the types of resources being purchased will vary depending on individual school requirements. SCIS is always on alert for strategies to ensure that catalogue records are on the database before schools perform a search and download a file. There are two broad reasons for low hit rates: Sometimes schools have access before the Cataloguing Agencies, and/or some schools' resources are relatively 'obscure' hence items not catalogued by SCIS. In these cases drawing it to the attention of the agency or SCIS Customer Support will assist everybody. Sometimes the search strategy is inappropriate and resources that are on the SCIS database are not found. In this instance please contact SCIS Customer Support for advice.

Schools Catalogue Information Service