A Question of Technology?

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Dr. Jamie McKenzie is well known to Australian teachers for his knowledge of information technologies in education and their potential to transform student learning, classrooms and schools. He supports student-centred, engaged learning, with his approach informed by 30 years of experience as a teacher, principal and director of libraries and technology. He has created a collection of easy-to-read essays and articles available in two volumes, to equip educators and teachers to understand the potential of learning and communication technologies implemented in classrooms.

Schools have invested substantial resources in computer hardware, software and Internet connections. Jamie McKenzie proposes this now needs to be balanced against two critical elements, a clear focus on program goals and providing extensive professional development opportunities for all teachers.

How Teachers Learn Technology Best by Jamie McKenzie Ed.D. provides successful strategies to integrate electronic tools into classroom practise to improve student learning.

The first section of the book, 'A Question of Purpose', addresses the core issue of how to use technologies to deliver on their primary mission -effective teaching. The second section, 'A Matter of Strategy', outlines an approach to designing adult learning experiences applicable for schools implementing professional development programs for teachers.

Beyond Technology: Questioning, Research and the Information Literate School by Jamie McKenzie Ed.D. emphasises a central purpose of schools as improving the reading, writing and thinking of their students, and advises against being distracted by a focus on the wires, cables, laptops and desktops associated with technology.

This collection of articles examines the advantages of learning and communication technologies to engage learners and improve their learning through skills of critical literacy and effective information management.

The articles, presented in three sections -'The Primacy of Questioning', 'The Research Cycle' and ' Research Modules', provide practical steps for teachers to guide their students through questioning and analysis to achieve higher level thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

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