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By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

1. New Subject Heading Proposal

We encourage Teacher Librarians to use the New Subject Heading Proposal form to assist the SCIS team in ensuring that headings are kept up to date and relevant. A sample of a completed New Subject Heading Proposal form can be found on our website at < .au/scis/database.him>.

Refer to the websites of the following agencies for further information: Western Australia Agency <> New South Wales Agency <>.

2. Amendments to SCIS Subject Headings Fourth Edition

We will continue to advise schools in each issue of Connections newsletter about new, amended and replaced subject headings to the SCIS Subject Headings Fourth Edition. In addition, we will publish a list of the changes as they are approved by the agencies on our website at <> to allow schools immediate access to the information.

3. New, amended, replaced subject headings

Below is a list of new subject headings created at recent meetings of the national SCIS Cataloguing Agencies.

Anabolic steroids
BT Drugs
Drugs and sport

Goods and services tax
May subdiv. geog.
Value added tax
BT Taxation

Mixtures {Chemistry)
UF Mixtures
NT Colloids
RT Separation (Chemistry)
Solution (Chemistry)

Separation {Chemistry)

UF Separation
BT Chemistry-Experiments
NT Chromatography
RT Mixtures (Chemistry)

Warm-blooded animals
UF Endotherms
BT Animals
NT Birds Mammals
RT Cold-blooded animals T

he following existing headings have had new references added as a result of these decisions:

NT Warm-blooded animals

BT Warm-blooded animals

Chemistry -Experiments
NT Separation (Chemistry)

BT Separation (Chemistry)

Cold-blooded animals
RT Warm-blooded animals

BT Mixtures (Chemistry)

NT Anabolic steroids

Drugs and sport
NT Anabolic steroids

BT Warm-blooded animals

BT Mixtures (Chemistry)

Solution {Chemistry)
RT Mixtures (Chemistry)

NT Goods and services tax

Pending Subject Headings (feedback welcome):
Assessment (Education) (as a subdivision)
Remedial teaching (review of the use of this heading)
States of matter
Ultraviolet radiation

4. Email contact tor National Coordinator Cataloguing and Metadata

Teacher Librarians are encouraged to email the National Coordinator Cataloguing and Metadata at <[email protected]> to propose new subject headings, to provide feedback about cataloguing, to report any errors noted in catalogue records and to discuss relevant cataloguing issues.

5. SCIS article in Cataloguing Australia

Cherryl Schauder, National Coordinator Cataloguing and Metadata, has an article 'SCIS Subject Headings, New Edition: Challenges and Directions' in the periodical Cataloguing Australia, volume 24, published by Australian Library and Information Association. We have permission from ALIA to make the article available for Teacher Librarians on our website at <>.

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