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By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

1. SCIS Authority Files subscription 2000

Curriculum Corporation has released a new version of the previous product sets Subject Headings Disk. Please note that this product has been renamed and is now known as sets Authority Files. Order forms for this new product were sent to all schools recently. However, if you did not receive an order form for your library you will find a copy on our website at <>, or alternatively you may contact SCIS to arrange for a form to be forwarded to you.

The SCIS Authority Files contains the entire contents of the SCIS database subject authority file and complements SCIS bibliographic records and the sets Subject Headings Fourth Edition. Used within the school's library system, the file can quickly enhance subject access to the school's resources by creating references. We plan to include name authority files next year.

Check our website at <> for full product details, licence agreement, functional description and order forms. Schools are reminded that before using the product they must read the licence agreement. We advise customers to check compatibility with their library software system before ordering the product.

2. SCISWeb usage

SCIS is able to generate a number of reports from SCISWeb and the Voyager system. One of these reports indicates that over the last few months there have been almost 1,000 individual users accessing SCISWeb every day. This is good news for us as obviously many schools are taking full advantage of their subscription to SCISWeb to download catalogue records by regularly using the product. We would expect this number of individual users to increase in the future as more schools subscribe and also as SCISCO customers change over to SCISWeb.


The SCISCO product will be available again in 2001. However, we would like to remind customers who subscribe to SCISCO that you have the option at any stage throughout the year to convert from SCISCO to SCISWeb by notifying SCIS. No further payment will be required. However, before subscribing please give consideration to the extra benefits that are available when using SCISWeb:

  • being on line to the live SCIS database of approximately 670,000 bibliographic records, SCISWeb customers have immediate access to new records
  • the ability to download bibliographic records of resources as soon as they are added to the SCIS database
  • faster downloading of records • more searching options in the Voyager SCIS OPAC
  • the ability to print up bibliographies as an aid to selection of resources
  • the ability to view the subject headings with see and see also references
  • no waiting for the next updated edition of SCISCO to be delivered
  • no installation procedures required.

4. What's New

We remind customers to check the Whats New menu option regularly as we update this page with links to the latest information posted to the SCIS website. Updated information includes SCISWeb handy hints, SCIS product demonstrations, new SCIS products, library conferences and seminars and links to relevant websites for library staff. Contributions are encouraged as we would like to provide comprehensive information on our website that is beneficial to all school libraries.

5. Subscriptions 2001

Due to requests from library staff we are making arrangements for SCIS subscriptions for the year 2001 to become available earlier than in previous years. As information becomes available in July we will advise schools on our website ak subscrib.htm>.

Curriculum Corporation is pleased to announce that there will be no increase in the recommended retail price in 2001 for SCISWeb and SCISCO, although prices will be adjusted to include GST. However, GST does not apply to our customers outside Australia.

Customers will be able to commence using SCISWeb in 2001 on Monday 15 January. You will be able to use the same password in the year 2001 as for 2000, but the counter for records downloaded will be reset to zero.

Contact SCIS to have password reset if necessary (only if misplaced or unknown). Email: [email protected], Fax: + 61 3 9639 1616, Tel: +61 3 9207 9600 or 1800 337 405 (within Australia free call outside Melbourne metropolitan area).

Customers subscribing to SCISCO will receive the first edition for 2001 by 9 February 2001. We would also like to advise customers that we have extended the expiry date for Edition 5 to accommodate the January holiday period. Edition 5, 2000 will expire on 9 February 2001 to coincide with the delivery of the first edition in 2001.

Schools should read the information listed in the SCIS subscription category below which outlines the arrangements for 2001:

  • Education department bulk deal arrangement
  • National Catholic bulk deal arrangement
  • Independent schools bulk deal arrangement
  • Christian parent-controlled schools bulk deal arrangement
  • New Zealand schools with EdCom membership
  • Current subscribers to SCIS not involved in the above arrangements
  • Non-subscribers who do not belong to any of the above arrangements.

At this stage we have not finalised arrangements for subscriptions for 2001 with all of the relevant organisations. As further information about subscriptions becomes available we will place an announcement on our website at <http://>.

a) Education department bulk deal arrangement: the current arrangements will continue for the year 2001 for schools in New South Wales, Western Australia and Northern Territory. Negotiations are underway with education departments in Queensland and South Australia to continue a whole-of-state subscription to SCISWeb and/or SCISCO for all schools for the year 2001. When arrangements have been finalised we will advise schools on our website at < au/scis/subscrib.htm>.

b) National Catholic bulk deal arrangement: the National Catholic Education Commission will negotiate another bulk deal arrangement for Catholic schools. Further details are at <>.

c) Independent schools bulk deal arrangement: in 2000 there was a discounted price available for schools in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory. Further details for 2001 are at <http: //>.

d) Christian parent-controlled schools bulk deal arrangement: the Association for Christian Parent-Controlled Schools arranged a discounted price for their schools in 2000. Further details for 2001 are at <http://www.>.

e) New Zealand schools with EdCom membership: when subscribing to SCIS please include your EdCom membership number to ensure you receive the 20 per cent discount from the RRP, Payment in Australian dollars.

f) Current subscribers to SCIS not involved in the above arrangements: your subscription to SCIS in 2000 was a standing order, which means that you will not be required to subscribe again. You will automatically be given access to the same product in the year 2001 that you subscribed to in 2000. An invoice will be sent to you in September requesting payment for the year 2001 and asking for confirmation of product required.

g) Non-subscribers who do not belong to any of the above arrangements: schools that do not have a subscription for 2000 will be sent 2001 SCIS subscription form in September. If an order is placed before the end of 2000 the school will have access to the products at the beginning of the year. If subscribing to SCISWeb a letter will be delivered to the school by 15 January 2001 outlining passwords and how to access the product. Customers whose subscriptions to SCISWeb are received at Curriculum Corporation after 1 January 2001 will receive instructions (including new default password) and access to SCISWeb within five to ten working days upon receipt of subscription form.


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