SCISWeb Handy Hints

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

1. Low hit rates

To avoid problems with low hit rates we recommend that customers use a barcode scanner to ensure accuracy when inserting data. However, if you are typing ISBNs or SCIS record numbers into the Create Orders box or into a text file you must always press the return key immediately after each number. When an order is processed SCISWeb could recognise a space as a digit so will be unable to match that particular number. If, after viewing the results of an order, there appears to be a large number of unmatched records, we recommend that you check your order file. By clicking on the Order link in the column Order File in the Your Data table, you will see the list of numbers in your order. Highlighting the list of numbers will allow you to check that no additional spaces have been placed after any of the ISBNs or SCIS record numbers. If you find any spaces after the numbers delete them then reprocess your order.

2. Difficulty logging onto SCISWeb using Bookmarks or Favorites

Sometimes customers may experience difficulty logging onto SCISWeb when they try to use Bookmarks or Favorites. To overcome his difficulty we advise customers to delete the SCISWeb bookmark from Bookmarks or Favorites in their browser files. After this deletion has been completed you may then wish to reinsert the URL <http://www.curricu lum him> in your Bookmarks or Favorites to ensure quick access for future sessions of SCISWeb. To remove a Bookmark in the Netscape Communicator 4.07 browser, click on the Bookmarks button on the browser. Choose the Edit Bookmarks option. Highlight the bookmark you wish to delete. From the top menu bar choose the Edit option and select Delete from the pul I-down menu. From the File option click on Close to finish the process. To remove a Favorite in the Internet Explorer 5 browser select Favorites on the top menu bar. Choose Organize Favorites. Highlight the Favorite you wish to remove and click on the Delete button. Click on the Close button. The above steps may vary slightly if using different versions of the browsers.

3. Message of the Day

Message of the Day button in SCISWeb is linked to What's New on the SCIS main menu. It is important to visit this page frequently to ensure that you are alerted to the latest information that has been added to the SCIS Website. This includes information about SCISWeb handy hints, SCIS product demonstrations, new SCIS products, library conferences and seminars and links to relevant websites for Teacher Librarians. We are always keen to receive notification about relevant information that can be included for the benefit of all staff in school libraries.

4. Quick link

When 'surfing' the SCIS site, remember to use the SCIS or 'i' logos found at the top of most pages. These are links back to the SCIS main menu options

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)