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By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

1. SCIS Authority Files subscriptions 2000 and 2001

Curriculum Corporation has released a new CD-ROM product called SCIS Authority Files. Order forms for this new product were sent to all schools recently.

The SCIS Authority Files CD published in 2000 contains the entire contents of the SCIS database subject authority file and complements SCIS bibliographic records and the SCIS Subject Headings Fourth Edition. Used within the school's library system, the file can quickly enhance subject access to the school's resources by creating references.

Name authority files will be released in 2001. Customers who subscribed in 2000 will automatically receive the product in 2001, as the subscription is a standing order. We would encourage other schools to complete the SCIS Authority Files 2001 subscription form to ensure they receive the product in 2001.

Schools are reminded that, before using the product, they must read the licence agreement. We advise customers to check compatibility with their library software supplier before ordering the product.

2. SCISWeb and SCISCO subscriptions 2001

SCIS Subscriptions 2001 forms have been forwarded to all schools that do not have a current SCIS subscription. Customers who are using SCIS in 2000 should have received an invoice from Curriculum Corporation as they will automatically receive the same product next year. Any customers wishing to convert from SCISCO to SCISWeb should indicate this before 15 December 2000, otherwise they will be charged at the rate for SCISCO, not SCISWeb, for 2001.

Curriculum Corporation is pleased to announce that there will be no increase in the recommended retail price in 2001 for SCISWeb and SCISCO, although prices have been adjusted to include GST. However, GST does not apply to our customers outside Australia. We advise schools to look on our website at <> for the most up-to-date information.

The arrangements for 2001 are as follows. 

a) Education Department bulk deal arrangement: the current arrangements will continue for the year 2001 for schools in New South Wales, Western Australia and Northern Territory. When negotiations are completed with Queensland and South Australia an announcement will be placed on our website at < subs.him>.

b) National Catholic bulk deal arrangement: the National Catholic Education Commission will negotiate another bulk deal arrangement for Catholic schools. There has been a change in the procedure for payment. Schools must forward a cheque to Curriculum Corporation by 15 December 2000.

c) Independent schools bulk deal arrangement: in 2001 there will be a discounted price available for schools in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory. Details are available at <http://www>. 

d) Christian parent-controlled schools bulk deal arrangement: the Association for Christian Parent-Controlled Schools has arranged a discounted price for their schools in 2001. Details are available at <http://www>.

e) New Zealand schools with EdCom membership: when subscribing to SCIS please include your EdCom membership number to ensure you receive a 20 per cent discount off the RRP. Payment in Australian dollars.

f) Current subscribers to SCIS not involved in the above arrangements: your subscription to SCIS in 2000 was a standing order, which means that you will not be required to subscribe again You will automatically be given access to the same product in the year 2001 that you subscribed to in 2000. An invoice was sent to you in September requesting payment for the year 2001 and asking for confirmation of product required.

g) Non subscribers who do not belong to any of the above arrangements: schools that do not have a subscription for 2000 were sent a 2001 SCIS subscription form in September. If an order is placed before the end of 2000 the school will have access to the products at the beginning of 2001. If subscribing to SCISWeb, a letter will be delivered to the school by 15 January 2001 outlining passwords and how to access the product. Customers whose subscriptions to SCISWeb are received at Curriculum Corporation after 1 January 2001 will receive instructions (including a new default password) and access to SCISWeb within five to ten working days upon receipt of the subscription form.

3. SCISWeb customer access 2000-2001

A reminder that customers will not be able to use SCISWeb after 21 December 2000. Customers will be able to commence using SCISWeb again on Monday 15 January 2001. However, if SCISWeb is available earlier than that date we will advise customers on the website in What's new at <>. Customers will continue to use the same password in the year 2001 as they had for 2000 but the counter for records downloaded will be reset to zero. If you do not know your password, contact SCIS to have password reset.

Email [email protected], fax+ 61 3 9639 1616, Telephone +61 3 9207 9600 or 1800 337 405 (within Australia free call outside Melbourne metropolitan area).

4. SCISCO customer access in 2000-2001

Customers subscribing to SCISCO will receive the first edition for 2001 by 9 February. We would also like to advise customers that we have extended the expiry date for the Edition 5, 2000 to accommodate the January holiday period Edition 5, 2000 will expire on 28 February 2001 to coincide with the delivery of the first edition in 2001.

5. Catalogue records for television programs

CMIS Cataloguing, Education Department of Western Australia, is now cataloguing some television programs immediately after they have been televised. They are publishing the SCIS order numbers of each week's programs as they create the catalogue records. These lists may be located at <>. Remember to search SCIS OPAC to locate catalogue records for older programs.

6. Selection of automation systems

Documents about the selection of automation systems are on our website at <>. If you have other documents that would be useful for other Teacher Librarians, please forward them to SCIS with written permission for us to
publish them on our website.

7. Farewell - staff change

We sadly note that Cherryl Schauder, National Manager Cataloguing and Metadata, has left the SCIS Unit to pursue her career as a Metadata Project Officer at RMIT. Those of you who have experienced Cherryl's professional and helpful manner will share with us in missing her. She has made a significant contribution to SCIS, especially in the publication of the SCIS Subject Headings Fourth Edition. We wish her well.

8. Thank you

SCIS would like to thank the many people we have been involved with during 2000.

  • The schools who have subscribed to SCIS in 2000: we look forward to your continued support next year.
  • The government, Catholic and independent organisations that arrange bulk purchase of SCIS subscriptions.
  • The Teacher Librarians who have provided us with feedback by completing product surveys, contacting us by email, telephone or fax and attending conferences and SCIS demonstrations.
  • The cataloguing agencies that have endeavoured to catalogue resources as quickly as possible to ensure that the catalogue records are available when schools access the SCIS database.
  • The library automation system vendors who support SCIS products and work with us to ensure compatibility with our products.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)