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By Nigel Paull

The following websites can be easily accessed on the Internet via the links found on the Curriculum Corporation's Connections Website for Issue No. 35 at <http://www.curriculum.edu.au/scis/connect/connect.him>.

Biomes: Table of Contents

Geography students studying the distribution and nature of the world's major biomes will find extensive links to information regarding the tundra, taiga, deciduous and broad leaf forests, tropical savannas and desert scrubs. Teachers could incorporate material from the modules into their own teaching units.
SCIS 1018159

Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex is a NASA facility operated under an Australian-USA Government agreement. The site covers Space Tracking, Spacecraft and Planets and Australia in Space, and includes information for schools planning excursions. Content is comprehensive with extensive space-related links.
SCIS 994575

Children's Books for Those Who Like Harry Potter

Students who have read all the current books in the Harry Potter series and are after something in the same vein could be directed to the bibliographies on this website. Also available are several interviews with JK Rowling.
SCIS 1018224

Clickable Worksheets

Catering for most subjects and age groups, these web-based worksheets offer teachers and Teacher Librarians a structured approach to using the Internet. To complete the worksheets, students simply use the linked sites contained on the worksheets. A tutorial for those wanting to create their own clickable worksheets is a feature.
SCIS 1018245

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway

Emanating from the Cornell Department of Education, this award-winning gateway provides links to a multitude of sites for both teachersĀ and students of mathematics, science and physical geography in the middle and senior secondary years.
SCIS 1019015

The eSkeletons Project

Created at the University of Texas, this website uses an osteology database to compare the bones of a human, chimpanzee and baboon. Bones, muscles, articulations and morphological features are highlighted using images, animation and an interactive virtual reality format.
SCIS 1019080

Human Anatomy Online

Secondary students studying human anatomy will appreciate the interactive nature of the website and the multitude of animated graphics and images it utilises. Topics covered include the nervous system, reproductive system, muscle system, lymphatic system and cardiovascular system.
SCIS 1019088

Louvre Museum Official Website

Available in French, Spanish, Japanese or English, this website details the history of the Louvre, its collection and temporary exhibitions. Students will find the virtual tour, publications and databases useful for studying art. For those lucky enough to be heading to Paris you can also buy your Louvre tickets online!
SCIS 1019008

The OzScience Education Project

A century of Australian scientific research and achievements are featured on this joint CSIRO-AIPS (Australian Institute of Political Science) site. Secondary science students are encouraged to participate in the hands-on OzScience experiments, which have been developed to highlight these important discoveries.
SCIS 1019057

PICMAN - An Index to Pictures and Manuscripts

The State Library of NSW has made available online thousands of pictures, photographs and documents relating to the history and development of New South Wales. An efficient search engine allows users to locate items easily.
SCIS 1019041

Solar System Simulator

Containing sophisticated software and video footage, this simulator allows users to view images of the planets and stars in the solar system using a variety of programmable dates and positions. This is another innovative site that has been jointly produced by NASA.
SCIS 982782

The World of the Vikings; the Definitive Guide to Viking Resources on the Internet

Teachers who are undertaking a unit of work on the Vikings should consult the impressive array of links available at this site. The links are well organised by topic, and are authoritative, pertinent and current.
SCIS 1019021

Zoom Dinosaurs

Just about everything connected with dinosaurs is available on his encompassing site. The information is supplied in tiered text and graphics and is therefore suitable for a wide range of primary and junior secondary students. Teachers will appreciate the quizzes, craft activities and puzzles that are offered.
SCIS 1019028

Reviewed by Nigel Paull, South Grafton Public School.
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The Internet sites abstracted in lnternetting Corner are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and Teacher Librarians to determine suitability for students. Remember: the links, content and even the address of a site may change quickly.

Nigel Paull

South Grafton Public School