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Issue 48 Summary

By Editor

Please note this issue of Connections is only available in PDF format.

Articles in this issue include:

  • School Libraries: Impact on Student Achievement
    Julia Robinson, Research Developments
  • The Role of Libraries in the Online Environment
    Dr Derek Drinkwater, Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts Committee.
  • SCISWeb handy hints
  • The Book Bunker
    Jenny Katauskas, Book Bunker
  • Books of the Future
    Ben Haywood, via The Age
  • SCIS news
  • Release of Mathematics/Numeracy and Literacy Online Content
    Margery Hornibrook, The [email protected] Federation
  • SCIS 2004 Welcome
    Anne Camfield, SCIS
  • Discovering Democracy: Resources in Civics and Citizenship Education for Students and Teachers
    Pat Hincks, Curriculum Corporation
  • Internetting corner
    Nigel Paull, South Grafton Primary School, NSW
  • Cunningham Library Introduces New Services
    Louise Reynolds
  • Cataloguing Computer Software: Some Frequently Asked Questions
    Mavis Heffernan, SCIS
  • SLANZA’S Powerful Conference
    Andrea Thomson, National Library of New Zealand
  • Less is More: Specificity in Controlled Vocabularies
    Steven Haby, Metadata Initiatives
  • ASLA Online I: Constructing Communities of Learning and Literacy
    Karen Bonanno, ASLA Online
  • SCIS Information Services Standards Committee
    Anne Dowling, NSW Department of Education and Training
  • enhanceTV: A Value-Added Educational Service from Screenrights
    Colette Ormonde, ALIA (Australian Library Information Association)
  • New and revised subject headings
  • ELR School Library Survey