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Issue 57 Summary

By Editor

Please note this issue of Connections is only available in PDF format.

Articles in this issue include:

  • No time to gather dust
    Catherine Kerstjens, The [email protected] Federation
  • Perceptions of libraries and information resources
    Excerpt from OCLC
  • Information literacy review
    Barbara Braxton, Palmerston District Primary School, ACT
  • Show me what you mean! Interactive whiteboards in the library
    Beth Measday, Ingle Farm Primary School
  • Merchandising and space management for libraries
    Kevin Hennah, Consultant
  • Internetting corner
    Nigel Paull, South Grafton Primary School, NSW
  • SCISWeb handy hints
  • SCIS news
  • CensusAtSchool – a whole school project for 2006
    Ian Wong, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • New and revised subject headings
  • A curriculum philosophy supporting an inquiry approach
    Mary Manning, Schools Library Association of Victoria
  • Politically correct library terms
    Amanda Credaro, via Warrior Librarian Weekly
  • The [email protected] Federation
    Andrea Macleod, The [email protected] Federation