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Issue 58 Summary

By Editor

Please note this issue of Connections is only available in PDF format.

Articles in this issue include:

  • Collaboration: The virtual and the real world. What the muggles don’t know
    Rosemary Horton, Trinity College, WA
  • How does Google collect and rank results?
    Matt Cutts, Google
  • Science literacy and the school librarian
    Peter Macinnis, Author
  • Internetting corner
    Nigel Paull, South Grafton Primary School, NSW
  • SCISWeb handy hints
  • New and revised subject headings
  • SCIS news
  • CSU celebrates the 30th anniversary of its library education programs
    Drs Philip Hider & Bob Pymm, Charles Sturt University
  • Interact with, explore and learn about water
    Martin Stone, Curriculum Corporation
  • Educational Lending Right
  • The [email protected] Federation
    Andrea MacLeod, The [email protected] Federation