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Issue 64 Summary

By Editor

A summary of all the articles featured in Issue 64 of Connections.

Please note this issue of Connections is only available in PDF format.

Articles in this issue include:

The 2006 copyright amendments – all under control?
Ian McDonald, Australian Copyright Council

Reviving my inner librarian
Helen Dacy, St Joseph's College, QLD

Bringing teachers to the library
Isobel Williams, via Access

Internetting corner
Nigel Paull, South Grafton Public School, NSW

SCISWeb handy hints

New and revised subject headings

SCIS news

It’s in the procedures book
Mary Alice Anderson, Winona Area Public Schools, USA

Educational Lending Right
Renate Beilharz, Education Services Australia

The Le@rning Federation
Rohini Mehta, The Le@rning Federation