By Nicole England

Included here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions over our Helpline:

Q. How long will my ASCISRECON file take to be processed and returned to my school?

A The tum around time for ASCISRECON is approximately two weeks from the actual processing date. The processing dates listed for 1993 are the Fridays that the disk/shave to be received by Ferntree Computer Services. Beginning Monday morning, the files (disks) are processed as a batch and are usually posted out to schools by the Friday of the same week. It is perhaps a good idea to allow about one week for postage of disks, especially those schools who are sending disks from interstate.

Q. When ordering by SCIS Order Numbers, do I need to include the letter on the end?

A. No, it is not necessary. The letter at the end is referred to as a check digit and increases accuracy when ordering records from SCIS.

Q. I've just received my ASCISRECON disk back from processing at Ferntree Computer Services. How do I put/ download the information onto my computer?

A. The process of downloading ASCISRECON data is done via the User's library automation system, eg, OASIS, OCELOT, DYNIX, BOOKMARK, etc. Users will need to refer to the manual for their library automation system for instructions as to how to download data, and/or contact their systems support staff for any further queries. Usually, the instructions are headed "Download from ASCIS" (or the like) in their software manual.

Nicole England

Nicole England

Client Services Officer