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Information and critical literacy on the web

By Kay Oddone

Issue 96, Term 1 2016

The democratisation of content creation is a wonderful thing. Thanks to thousands of content creation and distribution platforms available, including WordPress, Scribd, Weebly, Storify, and YouTube, millions of voices which might have never been heard now have a channel to communicate their message.

Supercharge students' digital literacy skills with content curation

By Kay Oddone

Issue 105, Term 2 2018

Digital content curation is a meta-skill, requiring many different facets of information and digital literacy. While articles abound promoting it as a tool for teachers, the rich learning opportunities embedded within this practice also make it a supercharged pedagogical approach for students. As th

How to boost your digital literacy confidence

By Sally Pewhairangi

Issue 106, Term 3 2018

Hands up if you have ever had thoughts like these: I wish I didn’t feel out of my depth when a teacher asks me to find additional sources (such as case studies or videos) for their class assignment. If I was more confident in my presentation skills, I would show other teacher librarians how we teac

Digital fluency vs. digital literacy

By Clint Lalonde

Issue 111, Term 4 2019

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of research on digital literacy/digital fluency, to find out whether our post-secondary institutions are currently offering any programs and initiatives that will help instructors to use digital tools effectively. Many organisations have identified a lack of digital li

Using the Medium blogging platform to teach critical and digital literacies in art

By Tania Sheko

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

The teacher librarian role is elastic What I love the most about the teacher librarian role is its elasticity; it can assume so many different shapes and play out in a variety of stories. In many cases, teacher librarians have come from classroom teaching and therefore bring their expertise and expe

Digital literacy: using Wikipedia as a fact-checking tool

By Mathieu O'Neil, Rachel Cunneen

Issue 121, Term 2 2022

Can Wikipedia be used as a legitimate source? In November 2021 we published an article in The Conversation which obviously touched a nerve since it was shared by around 7,000 readers. The article, ‘Students are told not to use Wikipedia for research. But it’s a trustworthy source’, derived from our