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Engaging students with emerging technologies

By Chelsea Wright

Issue 94, Term 3 2015

it is to still be having this conversation, we have not yet convinced every raised eyebrow to relax when it comes to the evolving identity of school libraries. If the school library is not seen as a natural place for new technologies to appear, and if technology-oriented initiatives such as a Tech

Connecting through couch co-op: the important role of school libraries for social gaming groups

By Matthew Harrison, Jess Rowlings

Issue 123, Term 4 2022

s,  and positions multiplayer gaming as a legitimate social space where gamers can bond and build relationships through common interests. Why are libraries culturally a good fit for social gaming programs? People have asked us why we run our Next Level Collaboration sessions out of libraries

Fathers reading week: a case study for the Great School Libraries campaign

By Lucy Chambers, BAHons; DipLib; MSc; MCLIP

Issue 115, Term 4 2020

Summary The UK Great School Libraries Campaign1 invites school librarians to submit case studies, to demonstrate how their library contributes to teaching and learning in the school. I take you through the process of writing a new case study based on Fathers Reading Week. Note: the word ‘Fathers’

Libraries: An American Value

By Lance Deveson

Issue 14, Term 3 1995

f different sessions. These sessions ranged from an explanation of the role that Structured General Markup Language (SGML) will have in the future of libraries, a session on the need or not for inhouse cataloguers in schools compared with "buying" the data as per SCIS, the role of Super catalogues i

EAL/D in school libraries

By Nicki Moore, Martin Gray

Issue 121, Term 2 2022

summarises some findings from the survey. A full report can be read on the SCIS blog. From this survey it can be observed that 72% of schools have libraries whichoffer extra assistance to students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Collection support being the most common form of assistance.

Improving Retrievability in School Libraries

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Issue 35, Term 4 2000

SCIS Authority Files in a library software system is designed to deal with this problem and so improve retrievability of resources by users in school libraries. The library software system may use the data from SCIS Authority Files to assist the user in a catalogue search by inserting two kinds of

On-Line Services for School Libraries

By Lance Deveson, Beverly Pianta

Issue 2, Term 2 1992

science and geography journals. Many of the journals indexed are excellent yet inexpensive products of the CSIRO and are readily available in school libraries. It covers topics such as environment, earth science, astronomy and technology with an Australian emphasis. Sage can be accessed via Nexus

STEM in libraries: inquiry, fun and community

By Gary Lom

Issue 118, TERM 3 2021

undergraduate qualification is in visual arts! So, what can I say here that will be of interest to you, and how do I get to be the expert on STEM in libraries? Models of facilitation and inquiry When I first studied vocational education, we were introduced to a variety of approaches beyond dida

School libraries support digital technologies

By Martin Richards

Issue 102, Term 3 2017

Over recent times, school libraries have become much more than a place for students to read and enjoy books, conduct research, and enjoy the comforts of a pleasant, welcoming environment at lunchtimes. With the ever-increasing emergence of new digital technologies, many schools are considering how

Diverse titles are finding their homes in libraries

By Crystal Corocher

Issue 127, Term 4 2023

each the official release date of this title (October 4 2023), the ongoing movement towards more inclusive literature across the publishing industry, libraries and booksellers has been so significant that Giovanni has already received many early positive reviews. It’s clear that in those preceding

The Great Divide? Physical and Digital Resources in School Libraries

By Keith Grove

Issue 34, Term 3 2000

At SCIS we are grappling with the issue of school libraries' need to include Internet resources in their library catalogue. In addition, Curriculum Corporation and (which manages EdNA Online) have identified as an issue the need for schools to be able to search easily both catalogues o

International Association for School Libraries Conference Report

By Jenny Ryan

Issue 35, Term 4 2000

I have just returned from the most wonderful conference focusing on information literacy and school libraries. The conference, at which over 33 countries were represented, was held by the International Association for School Libraries (IASL) in Malmo, Sweden, on 6-10 August 2000. What an incredible

School Libraries and the Knowledge Economy of the 21st Century

By Kerry Tanner

Issue 32, Term 1 2000

e-in the knowledge age. In the knowledge economy, very narrow functional specifications are giving way to more expansive professional roles. School libraries set up as stand-alone, self-contained edifices are under threat. The future lies in networking (in both the interpersonal and technological

Transforming School Libraries: A Conversation with Lee Crockett

By Lee Crockett

Issue 128, Term 1 2024

ed as a helpful teaching tool. As our conversation draws to a close, Crockett shares his vision for the future of education and the place of school libraries within it. He sees a world where education systems are fluid, dynamic and responsive to the needs of students in a rapidly changing world. ‘

School libraries and e-learning: where synergy equals opportunity

By Anita McMillan

Issue 104, Term 1 2018

mic achievement. Conclusion Our college’s experience in investigating and implementing a new LMS highlighted the synergy between e-learning and libraries. Library staff have always been and will continue to be early adopters and leaders, and this is set to continue as each phase of the LMS imp

The challenge of implementing change

By Angela Platt

Issue 103, Term 4 2017

hout the day. Silence was key, and this was (and still is) strictly enforced all day. When I compared this environment with the environments in the libraries of my library colleagues in other schools, I felt that I was failing miserably. Other librarians described having classes coming in nearly a

An African library journey

By Cheryl Lopez

Issue 93, Term 2 2015

approximately 1000 library books. These were all donations; either new books from sponsors and visitors or secondhand from Western Australian school libraries. While some of the books were fairly new, having been carried to Ethiopia in personal luggage by school visitors over the past few years,

Libraries, languages and free resources

By Jill Wilson

Issue 98, Term 3 2016

How does your library support the languages taught in your school? How are their culture/s represented in your collection? Find out more about the Language Learning Space — a free online resource with ample materials for learning Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian, as well as some generic material

ASLA Conference and Awards 2023

By Australian School Library Association

Issue 124, Term 1 2023

ld of teacher librarianship and school library resource services. The 2023 conference will be held in April on the Gold Coast, with the theme School Libraries: Navigating the Future . This year, there will be three award categories open for nominations: the ASLA Australian Teacher Librarian Award,

School Library Spotlight: Tarneit P-9 College

By Susan Grieve

Issue 128, Term 1 2024

and role As the college librarian for a school that caters for Foundation through to year 9 with more than 2,387 students, Susan Grieve manages two libraries within a single campus. She oversees a broad range of resources catering to diverse age groups, from picture storybooks for younger students