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Engaging girls in STEM

By Pru Mitchell

Issue 95, Term 4 2015

nd technology, and girls' career choices. It is a popular theme in the media, which extends also to social media. A search of Twitter on the hashtag #stem reveals a high proportion of photos and links that relate to girls and women. From the Chief Scientist to executives in the gaming industry the m

Computational thinking as the 'new literacy': professional development opportunities

By Associate Professor Katrina Falkner

Issue 95, Term 4 2015

Children not only need to learn about how digital technology works and how to use it, but also how to create it by understanding the language of computers. Here, we describe our experiences in providing the Computer Science Education Research (CSER) Digital Technologies MOOC – an open, online cours

Tinkering, making and building in the school library

By Jackie Child

Issue 102, Term 3 2017

Computers touch our lives in so many ways, from movies to medicine, education to entertainment, gaming to government, construction to commerce. Computers and digital technology are at the centre of every industry and code is the language of computers, so it makes sense that we give our children the

School libraries support digital technologies

By Martin Richards

Issue 102, Term 3 2017

Over recent times, school libraries have become much more than a place for students to read and enjoy books, conduct research, and enjoy the comforts of a pleasant, welcoming environment at lunchtimes. With the ever-increasing emergence of new digital technologies, many schools are considering how

Imagining the future

By Lili Wilkinson

Issue 122, Term 3 2022

Future is the New Fiction strand of Future You, a major government initiative designed to get mid- to upper-primary children excited about working in STEM ( ), a topic explored in our interview with Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith in Connections Issue 121. Imagining the Futu

Engaging students with emerging technologies

By Chelsea Wright

Issue 94, Term 3 2015

) Particular pages become target images which activate animations when viewed through a device. Anatomy 4D - by DAQRI Add and remove layers and systems of the human body or heart. This is a wonderful app. We have laminated a class set of the target images, and our IT team have pushed the app to

Even better than the real thing? Virtual and augmented reality in the school library

By Dr Kay Oddone

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

A reminder that this is a changeable space, and we need to embrace a flexible mindset when using these technologies. Image credits Main photo by stem.T4L on Unsplash and figure supplied by Kay Oddone. References Freeman A, Adams Becker, S, Cummins, M, Davis, A & Hall Giesinger, C 2017,

Supporting multiple literacies through robotics clubs

By Chelsea Quake

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

es has revealed what school library professionals have known for a long time: the whole curriculum is the school library’s business. Partnering with STEM/STEAM teachers If you can, convince a STEM/STEAM teacher to partner with you in your robotics adventure. At my previous school our new technolo

What is The GiST?

By Emma Durbridge

Issue 112, Term 1 2020

In 2016, the Office of the Chief Scientist released a data sheet that headlined with ‘Australia loses female talent at every stage of the STEM pipeline despite no innate cognitive gender differences’. This statement is mirrored around the world, particularly for countries that are more likely to

Is there a place for Artificial Intelligence in the school library?

By Martin Richards

Issue 114, Term 3 2020

uestion whether or not a computer is even capable of thinking like a human being? On the other hand, you might immediately think of the information systems that you interact with regularly, which possibly use AI. Before we go any further, it’s worth having a definition of AI that makes sense and e

The future is bright

By Authored by Future You and SCIS

Issue 121, Term 2 2022

o aspire to careers in early primary school. However, their teachers often lack the confidence to explain science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers, and there are societal expectations about careers and gender that can put girls off STEM. This can affect children’s awareness of just

School library spotlight: The King's School Senior Library

By The King's School Library team

Issue 127, Term 4 2023

ey assist with the organisation and maintenance of library materials, including shelving books, checking items in and out, managing the cataloguing system, and managing the booking of library spaces. The library assistant is often the first point of contact for visitors, providing friendly and helpf